Players join Steve as he embarks on a journey into his own mind. Steve lived a happy life mostly, and unfortunately, after a string of bad events players will have to Venture through the inner workings of his psyche while face to face with painful past memories. Learn how to help Steve cope with his struggles in life to realise his full potential and bring him home.

ACTing Minds directed by Dr. Darren J. Edwards of Swansea University is based on the psychological therapy called acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Players will learn about how to use ACT in their lives through embedded learning. ACTing Minds is not a replacement for any professional psychological help should you need it, rather it will introduce players to some basic principles of ACT through playing the game. It was featured in Psychology Today, talking about how it is successfully combining psychological principles and gamification.


  • Explore a stylised 3D environment filled with metaphor and uncertainty.
  • Acquire hidden collectables as you navigate the world.
  • Original music and handcrafted audio (headphones recommended!)
  • Exceptional performance from voice actor Harry Bell.

ACTing Minds was created in partnership with the Developers of Ruya, another game on our list!