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£50,000 More Free Mental Health Training for the Games Industry

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new series of mental health training courses that we are offering for free to individuals in the games industry and wider community. The £50,000 worth of bespoke training, created and delivered by our partners at Mind Fitness, is open to anyone but has been developed with marginalised and under-represented individuals in mind. This brings our total training investment for the industry to an amazing £140,000.

With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem of some kind each year in England, we are committed to fostering worldwide mental health awareness within the video game industry. Individuals are welcome and encouraged to sign up for as many of our free mental health training courses as they want to, and can do so over at TicketSource now. Our training is delivered online and is available to anyone, globally.

The series of courses offers:

  • keynote lectures focusing on the history of mental health discrimination and systemic inequalities;
  • awareness courses to provide information and coping strategies to support wellbeing;
  • and in-depth mental health first aid courses.

A full breakdown of each event can be seen below. Participants are welcome to attend all three events, or can pick whichever they feel is right for them.

Keynote lecture: Mental health in the games industry. 1st December 2022. 2pm - 4pm GMT / 9am - 11am EST / 6am - 8am PST.

Keynote Lecture: Mental health in the games industry

2 hours (online) with live Q&A

  • Understanding the history of mental health discrimination
  • An overview of the key themes in the global mental health agenda
  • An insight into the data confirming systemic inequalities in mental health incidence and
  • treatment for marginalised groups
  • An awareness of the global movement to challenge stigma and discrimination
  • Insights into how our communication skills can support the mental health agenda

Mental health awareness for the games industry. Running daily from 9th to 13th January 2023. 2pm - 6pm GMT / 9am - 1pm EST / 6am - 10am PST.

Mental Health Awareness for the Games Industry

4 hours (online)

  • A basic knowledge about mental health
  • The most common mental health conditions: spotting the signs
  • Understanding the systemic impacts on mental health for marginalised groups
  • Developing coping strategies to support wellbeing
  • Key focus on developing interpersonal skills
  • Gaining confidence to support others
  • Knowing how to challenge the stigma and discrimination around mental health
  • Understanding the biggest mental health myths and knowing the evidence

Mental Health First Aid for the Games Industry. 23rd Jan, 26th Jan, 30th Jan, 2nd Feb, online via Zoom. All sessions are 2pm - 5pm GMT / 9am - 12pm EST / 6am - 9am PST.

Mental Health First Aid for the Games Industry (4-Part Course)

4 x 3-hour sessions delivered over 2 weeks (online)

  • Tailored individual learning in between each session
  • Aims of the Mind Fitness Mental Health First Aid qualification
  • Understanding mental health, stigma and discrimination
  • Key legislation, policy and the World Health Authority perspective
  • Recognising primary mental health issues
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Substance misuse disorders
  • Learning the RESPOND approach to providing non-judgemental support
  • Applying the RESPOND framework
  • Establishing healthy boundaries, roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding safeguarding and best practice guidelines
  • Understanding diversity and best practice guidelines
  • Conflict management skills
  • Recognising different personality types and communication styles
  • Knowing what to do in a mental health emergency
  • Understanding wellbeing
  • Learning practical skills to take care of one’s own mental health
  • Managing stress effectively
  • Feeling confident about referring people to the appropriate professional
  • Mental health support resources

“From social and economic inequalities to racism and prejudice, there are so many barriers that make accessing mental health treatment all that more difficult for marginalised individuals,” explains Sarah Sorrell, Charity Manager. “We wanted to be able to offer a suite of training programmes that not only welcomed but actively included under-represented members of the games industry.”

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