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October: Reflection & Self Compassion

It’s a new month, and our theme is all about reflection and self-compassion.

Right now, it’s more important than ever to be self compassionate rather than too self critical. We are often too quick to dismiss our own achievements, and criticise ourselves in a way we would never criticise our loved ones and friends.

According to the Harvard Health Publishing Board, self compassion can actually selp reduce levels of anxiety and depression, as people are able to recognise when they are struggling and are kinder to themselves. By combining this with practicing moments for reflection and mindfulness, we are able to non-judgementally observe our thoughts and actions.

On October 10th, it is World Mental Health Day, and the 3rd anniversary of Safe In Our World. We’re looking back on what we’ve accomplished in our first 3 years, as well as encouraging our community to do some reflection of their own achievements. Keep an eye out on the website for our celebrations including our Press Pause campaign on the 10th!

What will you see from Safe In Our World this month?

We have a lot planned in our birthday month, including announcements, fundraisers, events and more. Let’s take a look:

A pink rectangle with text, white stars and a rocket.Safe In Our World's 3rd Anniversary (World mental health day), press pause campaign, 'Trans & gender nonconforming inclusivity in the workplace' panel, new games highlights, discord community events & book club, and more. All details listed in text on this page.

We are launching our Press Pause fundraising campaign on the 14th-16th of October, which is focused on the idea of pressing pause on life by pressing play in-game. You can read more about getting involved in this here.

We’re also going to be hosting another panel focused on ‘Trans and Gender Nonconforming inclusivity in the workplace’, with some fantastic guest panelists joining us for the conversation, which will be on the 7th October, 2pm BST.

We’ll be looking at some new games to add to our mental health related games, welcome new guests to the Safe Space podcast, and engaging in discussions with our community.

On the 24th October, we’ll be over in sunny Scotland, Glasgow, for the Scottish Games Week Expo with Barclays.

Stay tuned for our brand new content, support and conversations around this month’s topic, and stay safe everyone!