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Ukie Launches Get smart about P.L.A.Y. – Essential tools for parents

Rio Ferdinand, former Premier League and England footballer has joined forces with the UK Interactive Entertainment Association (Ukie) to launch the Get Smart About P.L.A.Y campaign, encouraging more parents and carers to use tools that manage screen time and in-game purchases on video game consoles.

The campaign follows a recent report from Europe’s video game industry body which found that only one in five parents of children who spend money in video games use the family controls available on gaming devices. This is backed up by a 2019 NSPCC study that revealed just 19% of parents of children aged 5-15 use family controls on internet-connected devices.

Playing games is brilliant fun  for gamers of all ages. For younger gamers, time spent playing games is often a highlight, but parents should be encouraged to play along with their children, and with this in mind, the campaign is designed with some key pillars:

Get Smart About P.L.A.Y.

  • PPlay with your kids. Understand what they play and why.
  • LLearn about family controls. Visit www.askaboutgames.com for simple guides.
  • AAsk what your kids think. Discuss ground rules before setting restrictions.
  • Y You’re in charge. Set restrictions that work for your family.

Rio said, “My kids love playing video games but as a parent it is important for me to be able to manage the amount of time they play,” said Rio Ferdinand. “Family controls can help achieve a balance at home between screen time and other activities. They’re easy to use and save a lot of arguments in the long run.”

Jo Twist, OBE, CEO of Ukie added, “These controls can effectively help manage screen time and age-appropriate play even when you’re not in the room. It doesn’t take long to set up the controls and it means families can enjoy games together safely. If a child was given a bike at Christmas, we would expect them to also be given stabilisers – family controls are really no different.”

If you’d like to know more, head over to askaboutgames, where you can find useful videos on how to implement family controls or follow the tag #PLAYtogetherUK on twitter.