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World Mental Health Day 2020: Celebrating a Year Of Engaging the Industry to Talk About Mental Health

We celebrate a year of getting the industry talking about Mental Health, as we continue to challenge companies to consider the wellbeing of their gamers and employees.

This World Mental Health Day, Safe in Our World will be celebrating its 1st anniversary. In October of 2019 when the charity formed, nobody could have predicted the events of the following 12 months, and the impact that COVID-19 has had.

The importance of not only talking about mental health conditions, but also supporting mental health has never been as important for employees and those who play the games we help build. To mark the charity’s first birthday, on the eve of new hardware and software launches, Safe In Our World asks for all companies, publishers, developers and agencies to consider employee health at all times and for employees and gamers to reach out for support when they need it.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with supporting the charity in its mission – our ambassadors, patrons, partners and supporters have been incredible at reinforcing the importance of mental health awareness in the gaming industry. We hope to grow our community further as we move into our second year.

Safe In Our World is also pleased to announce the creation of a range of new training opportunities available at the online training centre. These courses are designed to help companies better understand and support mental health conditions within the video games industry and are available to book now.

Additionally, Safe In Our World is delighted to welcome Ed Rumley, Senior Director, Business Development at Electronic Arts, as its newest Patron, alongside the likes of Dr Jo Twist OBE, Elle Osili-Wood, Pelle Lundborg and Kate Edwards.

We now look to 2021, to continue expanding our team and further increasing awareness, access and positivity towards mental health in the games industry.

Our message remains the same; it’s ok to not be ok.

If you need some guidance in understanding feelings and symptoms of mental health, you can visit our Support Page. For international helplines and web resources, please visit our Find Help page.