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Inhalte, Gemeinschaft und Inklusion mit Geeky Cassie

Episode 16

In this episode, Rosie chats to the lovely Geeky Cassie; who is one of the most wonderful creators on Twitch, Director of Nox Lumina, Co Founder of Black Twitch UK and the Community Manager for the Noir Network!

We discuss mental health through content creation and the pandemic, as well as the return to events through Cassie’s recently announced Nox Lumina (an events company dedicated to catering to everyone’s needs). We talk about the importance of groups such as Black Twitch UK, and the Noir Network, and how Cassie is uplifting other creators through these fantastic initiatives.

Now a Safe In Our World Patron, Cassie continues to champion mental health within the games industry and beyond.


@GeekyCassie Twitter

The Noir Network

Black Twitch UK

Nox Lumina


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