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Exploring DEI, inclusivity and diversity with Raccine Malcolm

Episode 5

This week we were delighted to have Raccine Malcolm on the Safe Space podcast!

Raccine is a communications professional that specializes in empathy-driven, engagement-based community development and management. Multicultural awareness, belonging, DEI, mental health, along with the interconnectedness of communities are some of her deepest interests and driving forces behind her work. We are delighted to have Raccine as a Safe In Our World Ambassador, championing mental health within the games industry alongside us. 

On this episode, we discuss the importance of incorporating DEI into companies and communities, promoting inclusivity and diversity within the games industry and how mental health fits into these topics. We also chat about our favourite mental health related titles, including Raccine’s all time favourites such as When the Darkness Comes and Sunshine Days.

You can check out the episode over at Anchor.FM where we have all of the Safe Space Podcast Episodes ready for you to listen to.


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