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How Games Can Help Us Grieve with Dr Emma Reay

Episode 17

In this episode, Rosie is joined by Dr Emma Reay, who joins us to discuss how games can help us grieve.

Emma is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Southampton, who researches Games Studies and Game Design, and has previously looked at exploring the therapeutic effects of games for mood repair, building resilience and community.

We chat about how death is interpreted in gaming, as a fail-state, and how we can look more closely at games who look at death within games as a win state. What happens when we start to uncouple loss and losing? We dive into games such as Spiritfarer, and What Remains of Edith Finch to elaborate on this.

'How Games Help Us Grieve' with Dr Emma Reay - written in white writing in a pink bubble at the top above an image of Kingdom Classic. Rosie and Emma stand on either side of the image smiling.

Rosie opens up about her grief during university, and how she used Kingdom as a way to recuperate and process what had happened. We look at how technology has started to change the way that we can grieve loss, and in many ways immortalise who/what we have lost.

We also chat about very real narratives and storytelling through games such as That Dragon, Cancer and Before Your Eyes, and how games can be used as an immersive tool to be a part of the grief process – not just for the player, but for the developer as well.

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