There are 17 essential things you need to know to fast track your recovery from mental illness. The Mental Health Recovery Guide (MHRG) will tell you what they are.

If you suffer from depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and if you are a mental health outpatient or newly discharged psychiatric in-patient at the UK’s NHS or elsewhere in the world, MHRG will help you to get well and stay well.

MHRG is not just for the UK’s NHS patients but also for the whole global family of mental health sufferers.

The best features

• 17 Essential Guidelines: Covering diet, exercise, medication, positive thinking and love.

• Super View: Tap any of the guidelines to access expanded info about treatment and self-help remedies.

• Cool Style: Information is presented in scrolling sentences of bold yellow type for enhanced impact.

• Daily Reminder: Start your day right — set a time to read the app each morning.

• Customise Your Look: Choose from four background colours.