In Promising Times, players step into the role of Oliver.

You’ll experience four days in the life of Oliver, in which he struggles with different aspects of his current life and isn’t in the best shape. After various encounters during the game, Oliver starts to feel better, and his life starts looking a little more brighter and colourful which is also demonstrated in the game’s art and design. Interacting with characters in this Universe will impact the way the game transforms through these four days.

A screenshot from Promising Times of two characters stood on a street. One character is saying 'I've heard good things about you!'. There is a sepia-effect over the image

In Promising Times it encourages Oliver and the player, to be more open, to have these conversations, to talk essentially and that is also what Andy’s Man Club and Game Gnomes have demonstrated here.

“The goal was to create an uplifting and engaging experience for players that may identify with Oliver and his struggles. They should have an encouraged feeling after playing and finishing the game. The ethos of the game is the slogan of Andy’s Man Club: #ItsOkayToTalk”


  • A game world that transforms with Oliver
  • Lots of characters to talk to and learn about
  • A unique art style that changes as you progress
  • Encouragement to talk and be open

Experience Promising Times HERE.

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