Pry is a book to watch and film to touch: a story revealed by opening a character’s eyes, pulling apart his memories and grasping his infinitely scrolling thoughts.

Six years ago, James–a demolition consultant–returned from the Gulf War. Six months ago, his vision began to fail. At any point, pinch James’ eyes open to witness his external world, or collapse his thoughts to dive deeper into his subconscious.

In addition to thinking about how a character becomes more “detached” from the world, our character is also looking for answers within himself to understand past events and reconstruct memories.

Samantha Gorman, Tender Claws

Through a series of unique reading interactions, pry into a world of unreliable narration and shifted memory. A world that pushes digital publishing beyond simple mimicry of print conventions on screen.

Pry integrates reading and cinematic experience by reimagining how we can touch, open, close and pry into a text, moving seamlessly among words and images to explore layers of character’s consciousness.