Sym introduces you to a teenage boy named Josh, who struggles with social anxiety.

Sym builds a world in which this is displayed in a unique black and white world that coexist with each other, a world he has created to escape his fears. Players will navigate through a world full of puzzles and obstacles to guide Josh through his journey.

Alter egos Caleb and Ammiel both help him navigate these worlds; Caleb lives in a world that is on the fringe of reality, fighting to overcome fears whereas Ammiel longs for isolation and detaches himself from any form of human contact, a relatable conflictual feeling that affects many people with anxiety.

There are points within the story where Josh is overwhelmed by all of the stimuli surrounding him, to the point where the cocoon that takes him into the dark world which feels like his safety net, simulated by the dampening of the audio, visuals and gameplay.

Sym aims to show the player what social anxiety is like. The game is challenging, as is navigating social anxiety, which reflects well as a daily struggle that many face.