You Don’t Look Sick challenges players to complete resource management-based narrative objectives through a month in the life of your chosen and fully customisable character.

The end goal is to successfully pay all of their bills and rent by the end of the month. You Don’t Look Sick makes players have to think about balancing their energy, health and wellness by cleaning their apartments, eating, showering, sleeping, managing their social life, and keeping their job. All while dealing with the symptoms and complications that come with an invisible illness and hidden disability.

An inspiration for Menard’s work came from The Spoon Theory, by Christine Miserandino, which used spoons as a metaphor for the energy a person living with chronic illness or disability can expend in a day. The team has carefully developed a game revolving around these occurrences. You Don’t Look Sick does a fantastic job at opening people’s eyes to what life can be like for those living with illness or disability. The belief and hope is that others can also talk about there conditions more openly and help educate.

Features –

  • Fully hand-designed narrative game full of different choices
  • Wonderfully crafted art
  • Fully customisable character
  • Interesting management objectives

You can download and play the title yourself here.