Level Up Q&A

What Is Level Up Mental Health?

The #LevelUpMentalHealth campaign seeks to challenge the videogames industry to unite and commit to positive change, starting with workplaces, ensuring working environments are always safe and supportive of the mental health of its talent.


Does it cost money to join?

No. Safe In Our World is a not-for-profit charity. Of course, we welcome donations towards our running costs, but Level Up Mental Health is a real initiative to drive real change, it’s not a PR stunt or a program to drive revenue.


I’m a partner, now what?

Thank you for joining us! You’ll receive a welcome pack with our Level Up Mental Health toolkit, posters, and we’ll fully help guide you on your journey to ensuring your teams are supported in their mental health. You first step should be to communicate to your teams that you have joined the Level Up initiative. For many firms, you already have great support and policies in place. You can use joining Safe In Our World to expand and highlight again the range of ways you already support your teams. For those that are looking to introduce new policy’s, share with your teams that you have joined the Level Up Initiative and communicate that you will be working with the charity to bring in new policies over the coming year. For either scenario, it’s a great opportunity to make clear to your teams, now more than ever, that their mental health wellbeing is considered, and activity being supported by the business.


Ok, I’ve communicated to my team and I’ve received the toolkit, now what?

The toolkit is your starting place to understand the steps you can take to support mental health within your workplace and teams. It’s important you read through and look at the actions you can easily introduce, and the actions that may require additional policies and support. You should communicate to your teams that you have joined, and the first step is a simple one, let them know it’s ok to talk about mental health, and that your HR team will support such conversations. Break the toolkit apart and look at the things you probably need to clear up and agree – What will the company do if someone is identified as suffering from poor mental health, or living with a mental health condition. What will your policy be if someone is unwell through poor mental health. How will you encourage conversation around mental health? How can you signpost employees to support, such as the safeinourworld-stage1.mystagingwebsite.com website or local helpline numbers? These basic questions are a great place to start and formulate your plans from.


When will the training courses launch?

We’ll be launching a range of Safe In Our World training course in the coming weeks, and courses from our partners in the UK and US are available today. Get in contact directly to learn more.


What will they cost?

We will offer a range of courses, some from partners, some hosted directly by Safe In Our World. The courses vary in content and needs and some will have a costs associated – but again, Safe In Our World is a non-profit and any cost would be for the time and recourses needed by those running the training courses.


Can I donate to pay Safe in our World?
We don’t charge a membership fee, but we do encourage voluntary donations upon signing up as a partner. For any courses, we may collect the costs on behalf of a training provider for efficiency.


How regular will the courses be?
Some courses will be scheduled, and some will be bespoke. This means there may be a short wait for availability on the course your company would like to request to attend. We’ll do our best to mitigate that, including the organisation of additional courses.


How can I signpost to Safe In Our World?

Your welcome back will include workplace posters. We also welcome placing the SIOW message and logo in email signatures. For gamers, we’ve had incredible success through partners such as Curve Digital and Wired Productions, placing the Safe In Our World logo and message on the start-up of games, on the back of game boxes and in the intro to trailers. The more we can make gamers aware of the support, the more we remove the stigma around talking about mental health.

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