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Safe In Our World team up with Football Manager 2023

Sports Interactive have joined Safe In Our World as a new Level Up Partner, alongside a collaboration showcasing the charity in Football Manager 2023.

screenshot from FM23, with pitchside banners reading 'you are not alone - we're all in this together' with SIOW logos

It’s fantastic to see in-game activations supporting the charity, and driving the conversation surrounding mental health forward. Prioritising these topics and resources within games is key to spreading player awareness and support. Every player should have access to life-saving resources and information, and mental health is no exception.

“In addition, to highlight some of the fantastic work the charity has been doing in the video games industry, their banners will now appear in Football Manager via the pitch-side hoardings, continuing our commitment since the start of the pandemic to feature mental health advertising space in-game.”

Neil Brock, Sports Interactive – Community & Customer Experience Manager

We have been supported in a number of games creating a space for Safe In Our World, including recent titles such as Martha Is Dead.

In the game Martha is Dead, players are provided with a resource link to the organization Safe in Our World. “If you or someone you know is struggling, information and crisis resources are available at safeinourworld.org/find-help

Safe In Our World also collaborated with Xbox on their mental health accessibility guidelines; a fantastic resource to game developers and publishers looking to get mental health right.

We hope to see more game creators prioritise mental health within their studios and their player bases, and applaud Football Manager for supporting Safe In Our World in their latest season.

Looking to support us?

Are you in the process of making a game, and want to signpost to mental health resources? Get in touch with one of the team, where we can work with you to implement this with you.