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Staff Picks: December Games

We wanted to embrace talking about the individual connection that players have to the games that they play, and why. So, we’re sharing our staff picks of the games we’ve been diving into this December, and the reasons why.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (2013)

I’ve been playing “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” on Switch, which I particularly like because I can play it with my daughter, and its designed to play with someone else as the two brother characters have to help each other survive and navigate the land on a treacherous journey, all while reconciling the loss of their mother. 
Want to learn more about Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons? It’s also mentioned in our games on grief article here.

Benn Wiebe


Pokémon Scarlet (2022)

Yes, I know it has a lot of issues, but I’ve been playing Pokémon Scarlet and I love it. Between us, my partner and I have over 230 in-game hours and are still playing the post-game daily.

While I was again disappointed by a rival whose entire personality is “Battle Me,” the other NPCs were better fleshed out, and the story was surprisingly emotionally driven. No, the world didn’t need saving, but the characters were working through interpersonal conflict while displaying and often openly discussing their feelings. A famous artist in the game openly discusses how he almost “gave up on everything” before finding meaning in his life, and another character discusses feelings of abandonment after his mother neglects him for her work.

There’s much more to be discovered throughout the game – especially if you attend all the classes at school – and I’m not going to spoil everything here, but it was wonderful to explore this world full of diverse characters (including those with different body types!) and see sorrow, anxiety, and anger interwoven throughout the story.

Sky Tunley-Stainton


God of War Ragnarok (2022)

In the Game Awards last year, I named God of War (2018) the greatest game of all time on camera, and I stand by it.

This sequel absolutely does it justice so far, and it’s everything I could have hoped for. The acting is incredible. The details are incredible. The world design is incredible. The storytelling is incredible. Even whilst struggling through on an old and performance-questionable PS4, everything is incredible.

I don’t know if I’ll ever stop shouting about how much I love God of War, honestly. I’m not even sorry. Or, you’re welcome? If you’re interested in listening to more God of War ramble, Nigel and I talk about it on our podcast episode. Have fun!

Rosie Taylor


Project Zomboid (2013)

Project Zomboid is a game that over the past year has been my go to comfort game… Now what is comfortable about a zombie apocalypse?
I love the whole zombie game thing, and I feel Project Zomboid gives you infinite amounts of freedom to live out your scenario. You can choose a mansion to live in, build it up, steal cakes from the bakeries and live of Cheesecake diets. I find it really relaxing and fun to play, it always takes me out of reality and really is wonderful.

Jake Smith