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Staff Picks: November Games

This month we wanted to embrace talking about the individual connection that players have to the games that they play, and why. So, we’re sharing our staff picks of the games we’ve been diving into this November, and the reasons why.


Sky: Children of the Light (2019)

It is the most soothing and positive game I engage with because I love sharing about it and asking others to play it too. It’s not a game about winning, even though there are challenges and a big boss level type challenge within the game. The focus is really on finding friends within the game and teaming up with them to do challenges or just explore the world of the game, which is visually lovely and imaginative.

The gesture of holding hands when you team up together is the greatest gesture in a game I have seen, and having a sound call out that other players can hear and see as a way to find others literally calling for help as sometimes you need other players to complete a task with you.

I also play a lot of Roblox with my daughter. Theres so much sociality within it, and a million options of games that provide a safe space for my daughter and I to play together and she can have her own friends join in playing too.

Then there’s League of Legends. I only play it because as a former athlete I do have a fierce competitive side that never totally goes away, and I have been on the brink of reaching Diamond level for my rank (which gives you Legend status and access) for so long I have to get over that mountain. Only then might I move on to a more soothing game.

Benn Wiebe


Penko Park (2020)

screenshot from penko park with camera and creature in the background in a forest

As a huge fan of Pokémon Snap, I was so excited to be recommended Penko Park, a cute-but-creepy take on the photography game.

Your adorable and tiny companion, Penki, joins you through each stage as you explore an abandoned wildlife park, uncovering its secrets and getting to know the monsters who reside there. I loved exploring the diverse areas of this game and couldn’t get enough of the unique art style.

The balance of scary and silly is perfect, making it an ideal game to chill out with. The sound design was also great, not blasting you with music constantly, which made for a relaxing and thoughtful experience.

Sky Tunley-Stainton


Vampire Survivors (2021)

I’ve been diving head first into Vampire Survivors, a gothic horror casual game with time-survival and minimal effort.

This game gives me the same feeling of when I first played Binding of Isaac. It’s that excitement of knowing that there is still so much to discover and explore within the options of gameplay, and even getting that strange hit of serotonin seeing character traits evolve and align.

Lately I’ve been playing whilst sitting in a Discord call with friends chatting away. We joke about it being a “brain-empty” game, but it’s genuinely something that feels so soothing to me if I need to occupy my thoughts with mindless monster-slaying.

Rosie Taylor


Raft (2018)

Raft is one I’ve played a lot this month with my partner and son, it is a really relaxing game you can take at your own pace while listening to the ocean crashing against the raft. It is a game that really pushes escapism in a great way, it’s both relaxing and engaging while also being a bit challenging in parts.

Jake Smith