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What Safe In Our World Means To Me

We asked our community what Safe In Our World means to them, and how games have been integral in their mental health. Their responses were inspiring.

Stories like these are fundamental to the work that we do, and why we do it. Safe In Our World aims to inspire, connect and support our community in talking about mental health through the medium of games. The more players we reach, like Grace or Jack, the more impact we can make in destigmatising mental health issues and providing potentially life-saving resources to those who need them.


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“For me, Safe In Our World have taken on the responsibility to try and help deal with not only recognised mental health challenges, but specifically those in the video gaming community. As a life long video game player, and someone researching the area I see SIOW as a beacon leading the way for what will hopefully be industry standard in the future.”


SIOW means the world to me. From my childhood into my adult life, video games have always offered a valuable distraction from the troubles that life can throw at you. Recently we lost a beloved pet, I consoled my 10-year old son the best I could. I then asked him "Is there anything I can do for you now?" He responded by wanting to play one of his favourite games to distract him from his heartbreak. Even if it was just for a moment, this is the positive impact video games can have on our mental health, no matter our age. This is the kind of message that this amazing charity wants to spread. This is why I love Safe In Our World and this is why its mission is so important.

Nobody should have to fear talking about mental health. Safe In Our World acts as a beacon of hope within the games community, so that when things get tough, you know that you aren’t alone.