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Pause: Daily Mindfulness

Pause: Daily Mindfulness is a free self-help app that provides many mindfulness techniques that are best suited to the user.

Pause teaches techniques such as:

  • Finger Tai Chi helps you rest and recharge with mindful finger movements.
  • Mindful Walking, use walking to help with your mental health.
  • Breath will teach the user some breathing techniques using “belly breathing”.
  • Flow Timer, a mindful timer for meditation and work
  • Sleep, drift off to sleep with a mindful tapping exercise.
  • Lets Go discover your inner freedom
  • Resonance lets you play with singing bowls and create sand mandalas.

We believe this app can be really helpful to aid those who may need to learn mindfulness or practice mindfulness to relax and destress, the app is easy to download, simple to use and provides a very unique design to help aid the relaxation with its excellent sound, music and look.

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Samaritans Self Help App

The Samaritans Self Help App is designed to help people keep track of their mood, discover new ways to try and tackle the problems that have arisen, provide techniques in trying to overcome them and overall be able to find a way to progress forward. You can check it out here

During the start of the pandemic, it wasn’t just the coronavirus that was taking its toll on people: mental health cases were also on the rise. In an uncertain time, we were locking down around the world, with many finding themselves cut off from local services. On the 18th of May 2020, the Samaritans came up with this useful app to help as many as they possibly could.

One feature within the app that we love, is the Crisis Planning Safety Plan. It allows you to remind yourself of things you can do to stay safe if you’re thinking about harming yourself, or find yourself in a crisis. Whilst having spaces for individuals to write things that give them hope, relaxation techniques, warning signs and even people that can help, it’s an incredibly important resource for people to have prepared in case they need it.

Mental health minister Nadine Dorries at the time of release said: “During these extraordinary and unprecedented times, it’s so important we look after our mental health and wellbeing as well as our physical health. Each and every one of us knows the steps we can take to look after our emotional wellbeing but this app will be a fantastic resource for anyone struggling during the outbreak or looking for additional support, and I’m sure will make a real difference to so many people.”

To this day the app is still a brilliant resource for tracking mood, being able to pinpoint the next steps forward and plan it out in a less overwhelming way. Due to the simplicity of the app, even in the most stressful of situations, the mood recording is very simple and accessible.

Key Features –

  • Track your mood daily to notice the patterns
  • Read up on self-help techniques
  • Record what is going on to help ground yourself and figure how to move forward
  • Create a safety plan for crisis planning

“Be kind to yourself every day.
Use our self-help app to track your mood and find practical tips and techniques to look after your emotional health.”

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Shadow’s Edge

Are you facing a chronic or serious illness? Do you feel depressed? Or could one of your family members or a friend use some emotional support? Do you want to know what it’s like to be in that situation?

This game gives you useful questions to explore and strengthen yourself while playing a game.

Explore the mysterious city of Shadow’s Edge and the worlds of Disruption, Disillusionment and Discovery. Write about what happens to you, how you feel and create art with easy-to-use graffiti stencils, stickers and colors to express yourself. Or just search the pages of the lost book. It all helps your city come back to life.

“Shadow’s Edge helps me relieve stress, cope with my challenges and feel less alone in my struggles. I felt as if the questions in the diary had been written for me.”
Katrina, 23

Shadow’s Edge provides a unique digital safe-space for players to learn how to process their thoughts and feelings, and begin to heal emotionally and move forward from their trauma. It harnesses the power of technology and psychology and delivers the content right where young patients are – on their phones, playing games. It fill the gap in the way emotional health is delivered to young patients around the globe by creating engaging digital content and tools that guide young patients through their emotional journey, building strength through it. The game puts content, community, psychology, and technology together to support patients and families.

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Catch It

The Catch It app will teach you how to look at problems in a different way, turn negative thoughts into positive ones and improve your mental wellbeing.

Catch It is a joint project between the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester, to help users better understand their moods through use of an ongoing diary.

Learn how to manage feelings like anxiety and depression with Catch It.

The app was designed to illustrate some of the key principles of psychological approaches to mental health and well-being, and specifically Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

It is not intended to be a substitute for professional mental health care, therapy or advice. If you are worried about any aspects of your mental health, you should approach a professional.

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Mental Health Recovery Guide

There are 17 essential things you need to know to fast track your recovery from mental illness. The Mental Health Recovery Guide (MHRG) will tell you what they are.

If you suffer from depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and if you are a mental health outpatient or newly discharged psychiatric in-patient at the UK’s NHS or elsewhere in the world, MHRG will help you to get well and stay well.

MHRG is not just for the UK’s NHS patients but also for the whole global family of mental health sufferers.

The best features

• 17 Essential Guidelines: Covering diet, exercise, medication, positive thinking and love.

• Super View: Tap any of the guidelines to access expanded info about treatment and self-help remedies.

• Cool Style: Information is presented in scrolling sentences of bold yellow type for enhanced impact.

• Daily Reminder: Start your day right — set a time to read the app each morning.

• Customise Your Look: Choose from four background colours.

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Daylio enables you to keep a private journal without having to type a single line.

Pick your mood and add activities you have been doing during the day. You can also add notes and keep an old school diary. Daylio is collecting recorded moods and activities in the statistics and calendar. This format will help you to understand your habits better.

Keep track of your activities and create patterns to become more productive.

You can review all entries in the statistics on charts or the calendar.

To make it even better Daylio allows you:

  • Use a big database of beautiful icons for your personalized activities and moods
  • Explore interesting statistics about your moods and activities on monthly or yearly charts
  • Customize the names of moods
  • Set reminders and never forget to create a memory
  • Turn on PIN lock and keep your entries safe
  • Write notes
  • Select colors that reflect your moods

Journaling has never been easier!

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Happier helps you stay more present and positive throughout the day.

The app is like your personal mindfulness coach — use it to lift your mood, take a quick meditation pause, or capture and savor the small happy moments that you find in your day.

We’re bombarded by negativity all day every day. This app helps me to stop and savor the little things that make life so wonderful.

Nic Beaty, User Review

1) Share how you feel and we’ll help you lift your mood with inspiring quotes, clear your mind with a positive meditation break, or easily capture and share something positive using just your voice.

2) Use Happier as an on-the-go gratitude journal to record happy moments both big and small — writing down things we appreciate is a scientifically proven way to feel more positive and optimistic.

3) Take our bite-sized, expert-led courses to discover new ways to find joy, calm, and satisfaction — they take just a few minutes a day, and help you become more resistant to negativity you may encounter, and more resilient overall.

4) Connect with other Happier users in a positive and supportive community. It’s like a smile in your pocket.

Happier has been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, San Francisco Chronicle, among many others.

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