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Content, Community and Inclusivity with GeekyCassie (Safe Space Podcast Season 1 Episode 16)

In this episode, Rosie chats to the lovely GeekyCassie; who is one of the most wonderful creators on Twitch, Director of Nox Lumina, Co Founder of Black Twitch UK and the Community Manager for the Noir Network!

We discuss mental health through content creation and the pandemic, as well as the return to events through Cassie’s recently announced Nox Lumina (an events company dedicated to catering to everyone’s needs). We talk about the importance of groups such as Black Twitch UK, and the Noir Network, and how Cassie is uplifting other creators through these fantastic initiatives.


@GeekyCassie Twitter

The Noir Network

Black Twitch UK

Nox Lumina

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Fractured Minds Launches to Raise Support for Mental Health Awareness

Fractured Minds comes from the imagination of 2017 BAFTA Young Games Designers award winner, Emily Mitchell, who at 17-years-old found solace through game development. Inspired by Emily’s personal journey through severe anxiety Fractured Minds seeks to create greater understanding and stand in solidarity with mental health sufferers around the world. Players will embark on a deeply personal and emotional journey through the human psyche. Exploring atmospheric and thought-provoking chapters, each symbolising a different aspect or challenge associated with mental health: from isolation to anxiety, with everyday situations becoming distorted beyond recognition.

The game can be glimpsed in the new launch trailer unveiled today:

Fractured Minds is available for just £1.79 / €1.99 / $1.99 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

we’re honoured to be receiving 40% of all proceeds, with another 40% being given directly to Emily to help fund her future career! Fractured Minds represents the best of what inspired talent can aspire to offer to the world, and Safe In Our World is humbled to be a beneficiary as we support Emily and her poignant project. If you want to hear more from Emily, check out the video below!

Trustee Gina Jackson will be joining the ‘Gaming for Everyone’ panel at this years X019, streamed to millions on Friday 12:30PM GMT!

The Gaming for Everyone: diverse perspectives panel, features additional special guests Dom Matthews, Florent Guillaume, Shannon Loftis and Ruby Longoria to discuss unique character storylines in video games, with Fractured Minds taking centre stage. From mental health to the journey of a transgender protagonist, the panel is sure to be a fascinating conversation. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Watch live below on Friday 15 at 12.30 PM!

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