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Safe In Our World Bundle Raised £35,000!

We’re delighted to announce that our Charity Bundle with Fanatical has raised £35,000!

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all of our wonderful bundle partners who got involved, and helped us raise this amazing total. We’re truly blown away.

Thank you to Outright Games, Starbreeze, Wired Productions, Storm in a Teacup, Curve Games, Deep Silver, SEGA x Sports Interactive, THQ Nordic, Ripstone, Firesprite Ltd, Blazing Griffin, 505 Games and Mediatonic.

Proceeds from the Bundle will go towards providing Mental Health training, supporting future initiatives from Safe In Our World, and extending the charity’s Level Up Mental Health Programme, which seeks to challenge all companies within the video games industry to unite and commit to positive change, ensuring safe and supporting work environments in regards to employees mental health, and eliminating the stigma surrounding those living with mental health conditions.

Without our partners, this simply wouldn’t have been possible. Together, we are Safe In Our World.

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Safe Space Podcast in 2021: Wrapped & Reflected

Today feels like a good day to sum up our Safe Space Podcast in 2021! The Safe Space Pod discusses the games industry and the link between games and mental health through hosting a variety of wonderful guests. Let’s look at what we covered so far, shall we? 

To kick the podcast off, we wanted to introduce our listeners to the Safe In Our World team, the aims and mission of the charity and some insight into why we’re passionate about the conversation surrounding mental health within the games industry and beyond.  Favourite games were discussed, our roles within the charity were explained, and the purpose of the podcast was unveiled. 

Episode 2 was a wonderful discussion with Ambassador Mxiety on her work in broadening the conversation around mental health on Twitch, and the impact of sharing our own experiences and struggles in bringing communities together.

We were joined by the brilliant Robin Gray for Episode 3, where we explored LGBTQ+ representation in video games, the LGBTQ+ struggles that are faced in the industry, and a host of useful resources and support groups that are making change happen.

In Episode 4, we spoke to Charity enthusiast and Patron Hannah Rutherford (Lomadia) on her incredible achievements in fundraising on Twitch. We may or may not have discussed some early Mario quests, shouty cats and the struggles that content creators face on a daily basis.

In Episode 5, we were joined by Raccine Malcolm to talk about the importance of embedding DEI and representation within the games industry, as well as our favourite mental health related titles.

Episode 6 saw Rosie chat with Shahid Ahmad about Code is Just. Shahid discusses how he first entered the world of game development and the struggles that he has faced on the journey; such as bullying, racism, illness and poverty.

And last but not least, our latest episode, Episode 7 with Adam Clarke! We talk about his experience as a carer for his sister and her passion for games. We cover Hot Fuzz, Irish accents and our most impactful games over the years.

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Safe In Our World Is Hiring New Trustees

A fantastic opportunity has come up at Safe in Our World for new Trustees to join our Board.

See our Job Role Description here.

To complement our current board members, we are particularly interested in hearing from people with skills and experience in the following areas: 

  • Fundraising
  • Content Creation
  • Charity Finance
  • Charity Legal/Constitution   

However, these skills/experience are not essential in order to apply as we are keen to hear from a wide range of candidates and find out what each individual can offer. Previous Trustee experience is welcome but not necessary. 

The closing date is Friday 21st January 2022.

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Safe In Our World Celebrates 2nd Anniversary As New Initiatives Drive Progress Towards Helping Millions Worldwide

On World Mental Health Day 2021, Safe In Our World officially celebrates it’s 2nd anniversary!

From expanding the initial target of training 50 community managers to delivering mental health first aid training to nearly 200 community managers globally by the end of 2021, funded by Jingle Jam 2020, every initiative undertaken by the charity now has room to expand and reach more people than ever before. And with 80+ studios, publishers and developers signed up as Level Up Partners, committed to positive change within the industry and within their own businesses, a bespoke partner hub was delivered in the second half of 2021; delivering more information, training, and resources to more employees than ever. In addition, in May 2021 at the height of the last Covid-19 lockdown, the charity launched the Safer Together Discord channel, including a forum for community managers, aimed at bringing the video games community closer together.

We’re celebrating through an epic giveaway, courtesy of our wonderful Level Up Partners! Click here to enter.

“We are enormously proud of the work our fantastic team and a long list of supporters, from Ambassadors to Trustees, have achieved in the last year.” Said Leo Zullo, Co-founder and Chair of Safe In Our World. “We’ve gone from a Trustee-led organisation to a charity with multiple employees and initiatives that make a huge difference in the lives of so many. This was always the plan, and we would like to thank the community, industry, and all those involved directly for their hard work, commitment and drive to deliver exceptional programs and real-world impact on behalf of Safe In Our World.”

See the full statement from the Chair here.

Safe In Our World is pleased to invite the videogames community to celebrate these milestones together, both on the official website, as well as via social channels and the Safer Together Discord.

In the two years since Safe In Our World formed, the charity has united the industry with its campaign for the removal of stigma around mental health and ensure gamers and teams can find the right support. Over 80 of the biggest gaming companies having joined to forward the charities mission ongoing activities.

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Seven Squared and EA team up to support Safe In Our World through 6 epic tee designs

We’re delighted to have Seven Squared and EA’s support for a retrogaming selection of tees! 100% of the profits from these tee sales will support the charity, and we have to say, the designs are pretty epic. Check them out for yourself below!

A decade long chapter of retrogaming grEAtness.

Between 1987 and 1997 there was such a vast array of amazing games that were part of the journey and a few that were very significant for the overall story. Electronic Arts became one of the industry’s most iconic names in this period and has continued to build and manage some of the most memorable game brands. Many of which we spent an inordinate amount of time playing on our own and with friends.It is our pleasure this year as our 100% of profits to Safe In Our World chapter to bring you a collection of classics, all of which have their moment and are deserving of being part of the Tee story. – Seven Squared

Skate or Die (1987) 

“You will know by now that the Epyx games formed a key part of our journey in the 80s so there is no surprise that Skate or Die makes an appearance in this chapter. In fact, it was a bunch of ex Epyx developers who were used to put this one together and it also forms a huge part of the EA story and it’s founder Trip Hawkins. We played many of these games ourselves on the C64 but it was a franchise that was available on Atari, Spectrum and Amstrad platforms as well. It also got on the NES. It almost made a triumphant return in 2003 after 12 months of development but it never saw the light of day. We are sure it will be back again at some point so more fans can Skate or Die.”

Populous (1989)

“A Prototype invented via a board game using Lego! That is a story in itself but totally true. We first came across Populous at a friend’s house on the Amiga and it quickly switched us on to God games.

Due to its success and timing, it is also massively important to the overall story and growth of game play on particular platforms the franchise went on to become one of the best-selling PC games of all time! Defeat your enemy with divine powers and increase your populous over 500 levels from an isometric perspective with awesome graphics, gameplay and sounds.”

Sim City (1989)

“More overhead wonders in 2D arrived in 1989 with the first iteration of Sim City. Innovative, addictive and educating. Yes educating! Few can say they built a name for economics, urban planning and politics in a video game. Design inspiration did take us down the path of adding Godzilla to the original Tee creative but we swiftly removed it. If you know, you know. Ultimately this and its successors under the “SIMS” brand would become one of the most iconic and best selling franchises in video games history. If you have never played one of these games, you are really missing out.”

Road Rash (1991)

“One of THE games of the Sega Megadrive period for us and many was Road Rash. This is one of those Simon remembers a lot from when he borrowed his mate’s Megadrive and spent hours playing this game and NBA Jam amongst others. What made this game addictive was that it wasn’t only the bike racing and competing to beat your opponents that was fun, you literally could beat them. Yes, you could and not just with your fists. Nunchucks at the ready anyone! This was also a significant moment for EA as it was one of the first games they conceived and developed in house as opposed to just being a publisher as such. Yet another moment from the journey many probably did not know but we are here to help tell the story in this unique way.”

Theme Park (1994)

“After games like Populous and Sim City, construction and management was taken to a whole new level with Theme Park. This game has also been the inspiration for many other theme park based games since. We were also in a period of time where the quality of PC based games of this nature was taking over from console versions due to the intricacies of gameplay and ability of the platform to deliver more. It was just easier on the PC even though you could play on the Megadrive as well. It was the perfect companion for when theme parks in real life were going through a real popularity burst. Build, run and sell and move on to the next opportunity. The rewards and game progression if you were into this stuff was awesome.”

Dungeon Keeper (1997)

“Real time strategy and dungeons! What is there not to like about this idea? It was a little dark in places but with the horror movie genre being big at the time, it was just one of those games that took you to another place but seemingly whilst in control of it. Manage your imps, dig your tunnels, get your gold and slap (yes slap them with THE Hand), capture enemies and travel through portals to enhance your game experience. Just keep your heart meter and that of your team up or it is all over. The Giants, Wizards and Samurai warriors would impact the gameplay also at any moment.

The sounds also really gave you a sense of power which in a game like this was a crucial aspect. As the story goes, the creator of the game Peter Molyneux came up with the idea in a traffic jam and he was so engrossed in the idea in his mind that the traffic had moved on and he hadn’t.

All the best games creatives came from moments like these.”

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Gina Jackson OBE Joins Safe In Our World As New CEO

We are pleased to announce Dr. Gina Jackson OBE has joined the charity as CEO.

Dr. Gina Jackson OBE is a Video Games Industry pioneer, becoming an OBE in the 2020 Queen’s Birthday Honours, she was a recent recipient of the MCV/Develop Women in Games award for her outstanding contribution. Gina began her career in games development in 1992 and has worked for developers, publishers, and distributors covering console, PC, and mobile games. Most recently Development Director at Sold Out, Gina will continue her association with GamesAid, stepping down as Vice-Chair but continuing as a trustee, she remains on the board at NextGen Skills Academy, Visiting Professor in Games Industry and Business at Norwich University of the Arts and acts as an advisor to several games developers.

“Gina has been a key individual in the establishment of Safe In Our World, serving as a Trustee and lending her invaluable advice as the charity has grown.” Said Leo Zullo, Co-founder and Chair of Safe In Our World. “The Charity is at a level now where we needed to bring in the right expertise to lead Safe In Our World into the years ahead. After a hard year of lockdowns and COVID-19, the need to ensure our players and teams can find support is larger than ever. With our continued momentum, the Board of Trustees and I are delighted and thrilled to be able to appoint Gina and look forward to a new chapter in the Safe In Our World journey.”

Dr. Gina Jackson OBE, commented, “I am absolutely honoured to be able to take up the position of CEO for this incredible charity. Whilst taking our first steps it was apparent that our goals to eliminate the stigma about mental health and to promote the dialogue surrounding mental health has resonated with both gamers and those who work in the industry.” She continued, “From the companies engaging with the level up programme who are transforming workplaces to support wellbeing to the community manager mental health training, it is clear these are initiatives that are being welcomed by industry.

The feedback we have been getting from our Safer Together discord server demonstrates the power and support that a positive online community can bring and the generosity of those who participated and donated during our May fundraiser continues to inspire us to provide resources, training and tell people’s stories so we can all feel empowered to talk about our mental health and seek support whenever we need or want it.”

Dr. Gina Jackson OBE begins her role with immediate effect.

In the two years since Safe In Our World formed, the charity has united the industry with its campaign for the removal of stigma around mental health and ensure gamers and teams can find the right support. Over 50 of the biggest gaming companies having joined already, including 505 Games, Mediatonic Games, Sega Europe and The Embracer Group, the charities mission continues with ongoing activities, including free training for Community Managers, signposting for support and upcoming Safer Together Campaign in May.

For more information, and to download press assets, please visit:

Safe In Our World

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Safer Together: Mental Health Month Fundraiser & Save The Dates

Safer Together is around the corner, so here is some useful infomation about what we’re up to for Mental Health Month.


This Mental Health Month we’re encouraging everyone to talk. Whether it’s to a friend, colleague, or a professional, talking is the first step to getting support, and we believe we’re safer together. 

We launched our first public Discord server: Safer Together, with the purpose of providing a public platform for gamers and industry folk to connect, find players for multiplayer games, discuss games, and be a safe community for all to talk or find resources. 

The Safer Together Fundraiser is looking to raise money for our future initiatives, invest in the evolution of the charity and will allow us to continue in our mission.

We are aiming to eliminate stigma surrounding mental health within the video games industry and its communities, so that every player and employee feels safe to reach out for help. 

The fundraiser will span the whole month of May, with Safe In Our World All-Star Community streams every day from the 1st – 7th May.


Imposter Syndrome Panel in partnership with Ukie: On the 29th April at 4pm BST, we will be chatting with a wonderful panel about imposter syndrome and the effect it has on our mental health across the games industry. Tickets are *free* and you can grab one here.

Now available to watch here

Fundraiser Page:

Whether you’re looking to donate, support others or fundraise yourself – the fundraising page is where all the action will be across May.

For those fundraising for us, we’ve created some pretty fancy Safe In Our World limited edition merchandise that you’ll be sent if you hit fundraising milestones, including a 2021 #SaferTogether Pin Badge, Safe In Our World facemask/bandana and Safe In Our World Resuable Coffee Cup!

Safe In Our World Community Streams: Play With Safe

For the first week of May, we’ll be celebrating our community, and the power of social games, by having 7 days of Safe In Our World Streams! Kicking things off on Saturday 1st May with a custom lobby of Fall Guys hosted by Hannah Rutherford, followed by Mariokart chaos on Sunday with Gamebyte over on their Facebook page.

Monday is going to be back to Gamebyte for a wholesome stream on Animal Crossing Islands, and it’s to No Man’s Sky on Tuesday with our friends at Wired Productions.

Curve Digital and friends will be hosting a Human Fall Flat stream on Wednesday over on their Steam page, and we’ll be building what makes us happy in Minecraft on Thursday.

Finally, to tie up the week, Hannah will be hosting Among Us with the Safe In Our World community, which you will not want to miss!

For the remainder of May we’ll be looking to share and continue to spread the message that we are #SaferTogether and will continue to rally for mental health to be normalised within general discussion.

There will be giveaways, there will be freebies, and there will be multiplayer mischief.

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Safer Together: May Fundraiser 2021

We’re delighted to announce our Safer Together Fundraiser which will take place in May for Mental Health Month.

This Mental Health Month we’re encouraging everyone to talk. Whether it’s to a friend, colleague, or a professional, talking is the first step to getting support, and we believe we’re safer together. 

With that in mind, this March, we launched our first public Discord server: Safer Together, with the purpose of providing a public platform for gamers and industry folk to connect, find players for multiplayer games, discuss games, and be a safe community for all to talk or find resources. 

The Safer Together Fundraiser is looking to raise money for our future initiatives and continuing in our mission to eliminate stigma surrounding mental health within the video games industry and its communities, so that every player and employee feels safe to reach out for help. 

The fundraiser will span the whole month of May, with Safe In Our World All-Star Community streams every day from the 1st – 7th May.

Tiltify Campaign

We’ve now set up the event on Tiltify

If you’re looking to support us throughout the fundraiser and wish to register your own (solo or team) campaign to contribute to the event total, please follow this link to register with the event. 


We’ve curated a list of ways that you could support us:

  • Donations – We are hugely appreciative of any support within the fundraiser itself. 
  • Fundraising – Within the Tiltify Campaign, you can register to create a fundraiser to contribute to main total, whether as part of a team or a solo campaign to support #SaferTogether – whether you’re a streamer, an athlete or anything in between, the opportunities are endless, and we appreciate every single one of you.  
  • Visibility – Any support in boosting our communications around the fundraiser would be greatly appreciated through social media platforms. 

Thank you all so much for the continued support, we’re excited to launch this fundraiser alongside our Discord, and be able to encourage more people to talk. 

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Safe In Our World Announces Clinical Advisory Board, Welcomes SEGA Europe, & Expands Patrons With Jörg Tittel & Jack Morton

We are delighted to announce a series of updates for Safe In Our World, including the formation of our new Clinical Advisory Board, latest Level Up Partners and Patrons, and the 1st Anniversary Bundle selling out.

Clinical Advisory Board

We have officially launched our Clinical Advisory Board, welcoming Stuart John Chuan, founder Psychologically Informed Services, Paul Fletcher, Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of Studies for Preclinical Medicine at Cambridge University, who also consulted on Ninja Theory’s Hellblade, Dr. Amiad Fredman who works in the digital Health industry, and Dany Bell, a former cancer nurse who now leads on recovery and genomics for Macmillan Nurses.

Their collective expertise spans the fields of Physiology, Medicine, Nursing, Digital Health and Genomics, the Clinical Advisory Board will advise the charity on its clinical agenda, as well ensuring a clinical view is considered in articles, blogposts and relevant research projects.

Our Newest Patrons

Additionally, we’re happy to welcome Jörg Tittel, writer, producer and director of plays, films and video games, and Jack Morton, innovation consultant at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital as our newest Patrons. Jörg and Jack both bring valuable experience and support to our mission and we’re delighted to have them onboard.

 “I am delighted to be given the opportunity to play a small part in making mental well-being a priority in our industry, both in terms of working practices and in the positive impact games can have on players new and old. As this difficult year draws to a close, I look forward to touching lives with Safe in Our World in a brighter 2021 and beyond.”

Jörg Tittel

Level Up Mental Health

SEGA Europe has now joined Safe In Our World as a committed Level Up Partner, alongside Limited Run Games and Dambuster Studios, who add to our growing list of companies looking to unite and commit to change within the industry and beyond.

Safe In Our World 1st Anniversary Bundle

The Safe In Our World 1st Anniversary Bundle has now sold out! We’re pleased to celebrate the success of our first bundle, in partnership with Fanatical, which will fund the creation of CBT courses tailored for gamers and those working within the video games industry, which will be free to access. Thank you for the support in making our first bundle a success!


Skills utilised:


Over the 20th – 22nd November, Seven Squared launched a campaign in support of Safe In Our World, called SafeMentaliTee.

Across the weekend, gamers came together to share the positive impacts that video games have had on their mental health. Stories were shared through social media posts, videos, or streams across the duration of the event, to celebrate gaming in a positive light and how it can support mental health as a whole.

The weekend raised over £2,000 for Safe In Our World, through donations and t-shirt sales, which is just amazing. Below are some of the inspiring stories that have been spoken about over the weekend, in the effort of encouraging more conversation around mental health.

“For as long as I can remember, mental health issues have been a part of my life. It’s a challenge to get an accurate diagnosis unless you fit a particular box, and at 29 years old I have finally been diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) (and chasing ADD). The escapism provided by videogames can relieve some of that need to ‘escape’ in more destructive ways. It built friendships and gave me a community of people that I shared a major part of my life in common with, where I struggled with that in my local community. It gives many people their ‘tribe’ – this is very true of streaming too. During lockdown, streaming videogames has helped us because it nurtures a social life, creates and sets challenges, goals to focus on, and we’ve been able to support so many causes (like this one!). Video games have made me laugh, cry, fall in love, be in awe, reconsider, empathise, feel better about myself, feel clever, make hard choices, gain skills, reconnect and most of all – made me who I am.”

Scumm & Villainy

“I’ve found recently I’m playing more video games than ever, they allow me to engage with fellow gamers & talk about the 

things we enjoy/how I’m feeling, on a safe platform. For me personally, I find that video games are a great form of escapism, especially in these stressful times of uncertainty.”

~ Ant Stream Arcade

“Gaming can be a force for good, transport you somewhere different and make you feel good about yourself. When I was young during my birth something went wrong and it ripped apart my upper arm, it never properly healed, because of this I missed out on a lot and got quite a lot of abuse for this, it emotionally and mentally affected me as I got older, it was challenging. I was brought up on a musical mindset from my mother and ended up going into a more computer game direction. When I felt low from school or any of life’s tough moments I’d distance myself and listen to music and play video games which cemented all of my love in everything and provided the escape I needed.”

~ Bean Hed

“Mental health is more important than ever and games have personally helped me through the years.”


“This weekend I supported the Squared Seven #SAFEMentaliTEE campaign for mental health and the positive effects games have had for people – they’ve certainly helped me!”

~ Kim Justice

GAMING SAVED MY LIFE…IT PROBABLY SAVED SOMEONE ELSES TOO!!! Games were my escape, they were the one place I could be in control, where I couldn’t be hurt and all of life’s problems faded away. I could come home from school and put on my Spectrum or eventually my MegaDrive and shut out the world around me. I remember loading up Head Over Heels, Seymour Goes to Hollywood, Operation Wolf, Treasure Island Dizzy, 180 Darts and more.

~ Mental Health Gaming

“Sometimes it’s about being a part of something bigger, that lets you open up and be honest with yourself. Having a community of people around you who aren’t afraid to discuss difficult topics with you is so important because it’s so easy to internalise these things and suffer because of it.”

~ Rosie Taylor

“For me, video games have actually been a lifesaver as on numerous occasions I have had issues with my own mental health, especially during the pandemic. Mental health is not something to be brushed under the carpet! It’s a serious issue and video games do help. Stop this stigma! Even without the pandemic, individuals suffer from their mental health and it can affect anyone. There have been times where I’ve felt lost, alone and unable to cope. It’s horrible to feel like you are also a burden to others. Your mental health is important! #SAFEMentaliTEE. Do not feel like you are wasting people’s time if you are suffering. You have every right to ask for help and it doesn’t make you weak. Never feel like you are not worth it. And if you are worried about someone, check in on them – they will appreciate it”

~ Chazie

“A lot of people don’t know my struggle but video games have helped a lot. I was never great in school when young, never cared for it. I’d get involved, but the older I got I started getting sick when I’d enter the place. I had no idea why, and things were getting out of control. I’d go to the nurse, I’d call my parents and say I’d need to go home and as soon as I left I was perfectly fine. I would go home play games, do whatever and I felt fine. People around me kept thinking I was making it up, I got frustrated, I didn’t understand, I got depressed, I couldn’t participate in things I loved with friends and I got angry as-well. I lost friends, respect of my family, it felt like everything was falling apart, I was so angry I’d sadly take it out on others. I turned to video games and the more I played the better I felt, I started making friends again, ones I still have today and became part of communities, it saved me and became a huge part of my life, I then met my partner Jambo through Twitch gaming and life couldn’t be better. Gaming can do so much for people.”

~ Anthony



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From the 19th – 25th October, Screamapalooza, a charity stream run by Rage Club / Screamer Streamer raised an incredible £34,700 for Safe In Our World.

The two teams joined forces for a week of Halloween themed streams, including spooky games, cosplay, pumpkin carving, and the big finale: The Dark Souls Tournament.

Over the week, everyone at Safe In Our World was blown away by the generosity of the communities, both in donations and time, and we’re incredibly grateful for the support that was shown throughout the event. Almost 40 streamers took part during the week, some with multiple streams!

We would like to thank everyone who got involved with Screamapalooza – whether you were a streamer, a viewer, someone setting up behind the scenes, or someone who donated – everyone contributed to this amazing week, and it is going to make a huge difference to the support we can give here at Safe In Our World.

Right now, Safe In Our World has various projects underway to support mental health awareness within the video games industry and beyond. The money raised by the stream teams will contribute to creating more training opportunities, improve resources for support across the world, and support future initiatives to come.

The kindness and generosity of the gaming community will never cease to amaze us.

Thank you.

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Safe In Our World Joins The Jingle Jam 2020

Safe In Our World are happy to announce that we will be a part of the Jingle Jam 2020.

From the 1st to 14th December, the Jingle Jam will see streamers across the globe raise funds for 12 causes via The Jingle Jam 2020 Games Bundle. More details will be announced soon about the 40+ games and in-game items that will be available!

We will be joining 11 other wonderful charity projects chosen to be part of #JingleJam2020 :

Access Sport

British Games Institute

Call of Duty Endowment


Mental Health Foundation


Open Bionics

Special Effect

The Grand Appeal

War Child


Safe In Our World Project:

The money raised by the Jingle Jam will fund the creation of Community Managers courses, which we will deliver free of charge to the video games community and industry. We must ensure that we equip those who interact directly with gamers, with the knowledge to be able to support their communities through awareness and mental health first aid. Community Managers are the frontline who interact with gamers regularly, and must be able to offer and signpost the appropriate support and awareness around mental health.

We would like to thank everyone involved in putting this together, and we’re excited to see the event kick off in December.

Keep up to date with all things Jingle Jam on Twitter.

Follow the official Jingle Jam livestreams in December.

Skills utilised:

Recruitment: We’re hiring! [CLOSED]


Role Description: Charity Officer

Hours of work: 37.5 hours per week

Location: Remote working – access to desk space in London / Watford


Reporting to the Trustees, the Charity officers’ duties are related to business development, project management, strategy, finance, and more in a wide ranging role. It’s a role where you’re often the first point of contact for enquiries and will be involved in the day-to-day running of the charity.

Charity officers will be expected to support and lead on some of the following tasks:

  • Organising fundraising events and applying for grants
  • Creating fundraising initiatives and flyers.
  • Developing marketing oversight on marketing activities.
    liaise with external agencies, including voluntary sector organisations, the media, local authorities, business contacts, trustees and other stakeholders or clients
  • Targeting potential donors.
  • Recruiting and liaising with volunteers.
  • Preparing reports and general administrative work.
  • Position themselves as the PR face of the charity.


While a degree, or internationally recognised higher education equivalent is welcome, it is by no means a necessity. Experience of real life and a working history is just as important. We welcome applications regardless of qualifications or education history.

Essential Skills

  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Being able to work on different projects at the same time.
  • Excellent planning skills.
  • Being creative and flexible.
  • Being proactive.
  • Having competent written and spoken communication abilities.
  • Being committed to Safe in our World’s ambitions.
  • Previous experience working within the charity sector.

Skills utilised:

Fractured Minds

Fractured Minds is an immersive artistic short game, exploring anxiety and mental health issues.

Winner of the BAFTA Young Game Designers Award, Fractured Minds is a game created by 17-year-old Emily Mitchell, with the hope of aiding understanding and awareness of mental illness.

I really wanted the game to mean something to people, to be more than a game you play and then forget.

Emily Mitchell

Embark on a journey through the human psyche and experience six atmospheric and thought-provoking chapters, each symbolising a different aspect or challenge associated with mental health issues from isolation to anxiety, with everyday situations being distorted beyond recognition.

Raw, emotive and earnest, Fractured Minds demonstrates that video games are capable of communicating vital messages in imaginative ways. It is a game that seeks to encourage empathy and champion support for the millions living with mental health issues.

Fractured Minds is proud to support Safe in our World, a gaming industry initiative striving for mental health awareness.

Skills utilised:
Games & apps

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