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How Games Like Chicory and Celeste Can Help Us with Mark Flynn (Safe Space Podcast Season 1 Episode 15)

Episode 15 is here, and Rosie chats to the lovely Mark Flynn about all things content creation with a generous sprinkle of wholesome games.

In this episode, Rosie is joined by Mark Flynn, PR & Community Manager at Numskull Games, PR and Marketing Manager at Lost In Cult as well as a content creator on YouTube!

Mark delves into his passions about mental health, his current projects, and his journey into the games industry. We talk about Hoa; a delightful Ghibli-style puzzle-platformer, Chicory; a painting adventure indie, and Celeste; a challenging side-scrolling platformer with mental health themes.

We cover some of the challenges surrounding content creation, especially during Covid-19 times, and what we do to take care of ourselves when these issues arise.



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