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You Will (Not) Remain

You Will (Not) Remain was made in just 48 hours for the Women Game Jam 2021, and is a 2D narrative game that takes place in an abandoned apartment complex. Haunted by their previous mistakes and growing loneliness, the player must navigate a strange world that isn’t all that it seems. A world that makes them question their reality while the city outside succumbs to a nameless terror.

“Stay inside. Stay safe. Don’t let anyone in.” That’s what they told you to do, and now you’re alone. You’ve been alone for a while, well… except for Lambshank, the strangest dog you’ve ever seen. Taking on the role of an unknown person stuck in an apartment building with a horrific purple presence looming in the distance. How long have you been here? Weeks? Years? Each day blurs into the next, time-stretching between the world before, and the world now. You try not to think about the creature in the distance, the whispers in the walls. You ignore the ghostly glow it bathes the city in, violet spreading through every inch of the sky. Is any of this real? Does any of this mean something? You’re not sure if you want to know the answer.

You Will (Not) Remain felt like a dark game that really delves into mental health; the anxiety, depression, and sometimes suicidal ideology. Whilst the game has dark tones, it displayed these issues in a creative way and left you wondering what could possibly be going on in this world. Is the world a representation of how intense mental illness can get for many or are we really in an apocalyptic scenario?

Please Note: The game has a content warning due to its dark nature and associated feelings, which may be a trigger or risk to some players. We urge players to consider their vulnerability before playing.


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No Console? No Problem.

Next-gen consoles have arrived, and whilst it’s exciting to see the dawn of a new era of gaming, it can be easy to feel left out if you’ve been unable to get your hands on a new console.

We’ve created a list of free games (with no in-app purchases, or adverts), for mobile gaming. From Stranger Things, to rhythm games, we’ve got you covered. 


Developer: Ultrateam

An ultra-smooth puzzle game that puts your mind to the test! The goal is to get your ball into the larger circle within a certain amount of bounces. 


iOSAndroid     |     iOSAndroid

Cytoid: A Community Music Game

Developer: TigerHix and Neo

A musical rhythm game, similar to Let’s Dance and Guitar Hero. Players will be put to the test on their speed and accuracy skills whilst jamming out. 

iOS / Android


GameStart Pixel Battle

Developer: Eliphant

If you like 16-bit graphics and old school side-scrolling platformers, then this one is right up your street. Help Alyse discover who has been sabotaging video games to make them impossible to play. 

iOS / Android


Stranger Things: The Game

Developer: Bonus XP Inc.

A fictional adventure game set between season 1 and 2 of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. 




Developer: Dan Vogt

Race to the finish line in different missions assigned by the computer called Mother. You’ll set off in your very own ship to take on the tasks given. 



Wicked Lair

Developer: Stefan Pratter

In Wicked Lair you become the villain who is in charge of building dungeons with monsters and minions to destroy heroes that try to conquer it. 



OHM A Virtual Science Centre

Developer: Statnett SF

This educational game for kids and adults will teach you about all about energy, using engaging and interactive puzzles. 




Developer: Spoopy Squad

Become a cult member and try to summon the Ancient One in this resource management adventure game. 




Developer: Jean-Francois Geyelin

A game similar to Geometry Wars, PewPew puts you in the front seat and lets you experience a multidirectional shoot-em-up. 




Developer: Martin Magni 

In this casual atmospheric puzzle game, players must help their little robot reach the end of each puzzle, and collect level cards along the way.




Developer: Ludosity

Players will have to bounce to get all the orbs in each of the levels provided, with levels becoming increasingly more challenging as you progress. 


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