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Pokémon GO

This July, our content theme has revolved around the trio of exercise, nutrition and sleep; and one of the most iconic games that got gamers moving from launch day was Pokémon GO!

The game became a viral sensation when it first launched, encouraging players to get out and about whilst gaming and potentially even discover more around your own neighborhood. It brought many players together during both the initial launch and within lockdowns across the globe, with Niantic tweaking gameplay mechanics during the height of Covid-19 to make it more lockdown-friendly.

We know that spending time in the fresh air each day can improve your mood and mental health, and Pokémon GO captures the essence of gaming and exercise in a unique and endearing way. They have also released a feature to attract Pokémon that only works when you’re moving within a 15-minute period; perfect for people who can’t walk long distances or have less time.

“Pokémon encouraged me to walk more because of the activities within the game. Having daily research and not wanting to miss a streak I was inclined to go outside and try to complete the tasks.” – Amy Holliday

Catch your favorite Pokémon in AR as you explore the world, complete your Pokédex to become stronger, and battle online with other Trainers in PvP and Raid battles.
Pokémon GO is an immersive open-world experience that enables you to live the Pokémon adventure in augmented reality. Find and evolve all Pokémon to complete your Pokédex, and battle with other players online in PvP in this multiplayer RPG.


  • Travel between the real world and the virtual world with the AR+ mode
  • Free to play
  • Create your own story in this RPG
  • Battle in multiplayer and PvP modes like Raid Battles and connect online with friends.
  • Complete your Pokédex and increase your Trainer level

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