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The Pep Talk: How to Beat Depression – A vlog series by Julia Hardy

Julia Hardy is a broadcaster, presenter, journalist vlogger and all-round legend within the technology and videogames industry – she’s even done a TED talk on using humour to combat sexism after the blog she created, ‘Misogyny Monday’ shone a light into online behaviour.

In this series titled: How to beat depression, Julia talks about openly about depression, how she’s learned to cope with it over time, and advice that may help others from what she’s learned on that journey.

The series is signposted here with Julia’s kind permission. You can follow Julia on TwitterInstagram and YouTube. To watch the remainder of the series, click through the links below:

Episode One :: The simplest things for maximum results.
Episode Two :: How to beat your depression.
Episode Three :: How to best handle social media.
Episode Four :: Beware of stress.
Episode Five :: It’s all about personal best.
Epilogue :: My depression history.
Epilogue :: How to be the best you

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