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University of Oxford Study Says Video Games Are “Good For Well-Being”

A recent study from Oxford University has found that time spent gaming is positively associated with wellbeing.

The data, derived from Plants vs Zombies and Animal Crossing (with over 3,000 surveys) has suggested that competence and the social elements of the games may contribute to people’s wellbeing.

Contrary to many, fears that excessive game time will lead to addiction and poor mental health, we found a small positive relation between game play and well-being.

Whilst finding this positive correlation, it is imperitive that more data is available to be able to be analysed to find out more about the intricate relationship between gaming and well-being in the future.


The authors have agreed that collaborations with industry partners are possible, can produce adequate data for analysis, and further collaborations to create longitudinal data will only improve insights into video games and our health.

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UK Games industry census reveals 31% of the UK workforce suffer with anxiety or depression

A survey conducted by UKIE, the UK’s trade body for videogames and creative industries has discovered that 31 percent of respondents have suffered with anxiety, depression, or both. In the largest survey of its kind, these responses are a eye-opener to the scale of the issue within the games industry development community within the UK.

At nearly double the national UK average, this is something we need to change.

When compared nationally within the UK, these rates are nearly double the average rates of reported depression or anxiety, of 17 percent.

Other significant findings suggest that the games industry in the UK employs three to four times the number of autistic adults when compared with other employment sectors.

As an industry, we have an obligation to protect and nurture our staff, and while the report doesn’t go into detail on the root causes of depression or anxiety, it does recognise the sale of the issue at hand. As part of Safe in our World’s mission, we as a charity will continue to work closely with UKIE and others within the industry to raise awareness and affect positive change.

Over the coming months and years, we’ll be launching a number of initiatives with employers, employees and players, targeted to identify and ease the burden of depression and anxiety for our creators, and for our players.

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