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Safe Space Podcast in 2021: Wrapped & Reflected

Today feels like a good day to sum up our Safe Space Podcast in 2021! The Safe Space Pod discusses the games industry and the link between games and mental health through hosting a variety of wonderful guests. Let’s look at what we covered so far, shall we? 

To kick the podcast off, we wanted to introduce our listeners to the Safe In Our World team, the aims and mission of the charity and some insight into why we’re passionate about the conversation surrounding mental health within the games industry and beyond.  Favourite games were discussed, our roles within the charity were explained, and the purpose of the podcast was unveiled. 

Episode 2 was a wonderful discussion with Ambassador Mxiety on her work in broadening the conversation around mental health on Twitch, and the impact of sharing our own experiences and struggles in bringing communities together.

We were joined by the brilliant Robin Gray for Episode 3, where we explored LGBTQ+ representation in video games, the LGBTQ+ struggles that are faced in the industry, and a host of useful resources and support groups that are making change happen.

In Episode 4, we spoke to Charity enthusiast and Patron Hannah Rutherford (Lomadia) on her incredible achievements in fundraising on Twitch. We may or may not have discussed some early Mario quests, shouty cats and the struggles that content creators face on a daily basis.

In Episode 5, we were joined by Raccine Malcolm to talk about the importance of embedding DEI and representation within the games industry, as well as our favourite mental health related titles.

Episode 6 saw Rosie chat with Shahid Ahmad about Code is Just. Shahid discusses how he first entered the world of game development and the struggles that he has faced on the journey; such as bullying, racism, illness and poverty.

And last but not least, our latest episode, Episode 7 with Adam Clarke! We talk about his experience as a carer for his sister and her passion for games. We cover Hot Fuzz, Irish accents and our most impactful games over the years.

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From the 19th – 25th October, Screamapalooza, a charity stream run by Rage Club / Screamer Streamer raised an incredible £34,700 for Safe In Our World.

The two teams joined forces for a week of Halloween themed streams, including spooky games, cosplay, pumpkin carving, and the big finale: The Dark Souls Tournament.

Over the week, everyone at Safe In Our World was blown away by the generosity of the communities, both in donations and time, and we’re incredibly grateful for the support that was shown throughout the event. Almost 40 streamers took part during the week, some with multiple streams!

We would like to thank everyone who got involved with Screamapalooza – whether you were a streamer, a viewer, someone setting up behind the scenes, or someone who donated – everyone contributed to this amazing week, and it is going to make a huge difference to the support we can give here at Safe In Our World.

Right now, Safe In Our World has various projects underway to support mental health awareness within the video games industry and beyond. The money raised by the stream teams will contribute to creating more training opportunities, improve resources for support across the world, and support future initiatives to come.

The kindness and generosity of the gaming community will never cease to amaze us.

Thank you.

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Twitch and Wired Productions Partner to Support Safe In Our World!

Today our friends at Wired Productions announced a partnership with Twitch, to give two games away during May, in support of mental health awareness, with a % of proceeds being donated to Safe In Our World!

Both Fractured Minds and AVICII Invector, will be free for all Twitch Prime users to download during the month of May, in recognition of Mental Health Awareness month.

Twitch will be supporting Fractured Minds and AVICII Invector, each with a message about mental health, through exclusive promotions throughout the platform as well as key content creator programs. Wired Productions will donate over 50% proceeds from each game to Safe In Our World, as well as other organizations. The charitable partnership between Twitch and Wired Productions in supporting Safe In Our World contributes to a common goal to raising awareness of mental health issues among gamers and creators, and affecting positive change within the video games industry.

With over 50 percent of the world’s population playing video games, and one in four people globally affected by mental health issues, the task ahead is daunting, but Safe In Our World will drive forward initiatives to continue supporting and helping players around the world. This May, the Mental Health Awareness month theme of ‘Tools 2 Thrive’ covers practical tools that everyone can use to improve their mental health regardless of the situations they are dealing with. These tools – even though they may need to be adapted for the short term because of COVID-19 and social distancing – will be more useful than ever during these times.

Watch what Fractured Minds is about here from Emily Mitchell:

Watch the launch trailer for AVICII Invector here:


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