Timothy Tinyhat is telling a tale about experiencing burnout through the perspective of a cartoon doodle.

Created by Sam Claydon, Timothy Tinyhat aims to highlight the importance of working in a healthy and sustainable way, rather than dwell on the hardships of burnout. This game gained the Editor’s Choice award for The Rookies website back in January 2022 and at this point in time the game is just in a vertical slice state.

I wanted to indirectly tell the story of a person going through a burnout by having the player play on the desk of a creative.

A cartoon character stood with a key on a desk. There are post-its of smiley scary faces on the edge of the desk. an arm rests on the desk cradling a mug.

Sam started their Devlog back in November 2021, where they began documenting the process of making their game following the idea born out of lockdown 2020. Once the art style and direction was in full flow, Sam also made the decision to make the narrative around the game about burnout – to have an impact on the player.

We loved to read more about the creative process that indie devs undergo when creating a game, and hope that it encourages other aspiring game devs to read about decision-making in the development process and gain inspiration!

Key Features:

  • 2.5D cartoon animation style
  • story focused around burnout
  • puzzle-adventure


Play the game here!

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