Back in 2017, a group of video game industry people started a conversation about fundraising for mental health charities. Like every project in the gaming industry, this grew and expanded (plus took forever), but in 2019 the charity Safe In Our World was born. Our mission is to foster positive mental health and wellbeing, and deliver support not only for players but also developers, publishers, retailers and all the other incredible folk who make up the video games industry. Our goal is for the industry to come together and start a conversation that can change lives. We are committed to making a difference. It will take time for change to happen and for cultures to change, but the fact you’re here reading this — not to mention the incredible people we have on board, listed below — is truly incredible. Safe In Our World is a default destination for gamers and developers grappling with mental health issues to ask for help, access information, and read about real people in the gaming space who have had their own struggles — and how they have dealt with them. You’re never alone, and it’s okay to not be okay all the time!