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The mission


The main aim of Safe In Our World is to create worldwide Mental Health awareness within the video game industry and beyond. To eliminate the stigma surrounding it, to make it a natural thing to discuss the issues and to promote dialogue so people are not afraid to reach out for help if they need it.

To help people who don’t suffer from mental health issues understand the subject, identify the symptoms, the signs, and the related problems so they are better equipped to help others in a pro-active and educated way.

To provide an evolving and engaging website,, which will become a worldwide hub for information, news, features, videos and support of all subjects focussing on mental health in the video games industry; including hero stories of key people and their own personal battles.

Safe In Our World will mobilise the video games industry to help promote the charity and the message, asking them to place the brand and links in key places throughout their organisations and their consumer facing outlets.

To promote Fractured Minds and Emily Mitchell as a vehicle to get the message out about mental health issues, and how it can be overcome in many positive ways, and to generate income via sales of Fractured Minds so that a permanent team of can be employed to add momentum and resources to

More importantly, the charity is asking the industry to lead by example; to really embrace the subject matter of mental health in the workplace and look at training key members of staff in mental health issues, and to adopt and integrate a Mental Health in the Video Game Workplace Guideline, being created by Safe In Our World in the coming months. The Mental Health in the Video Game Workplace Guidelines will also be invaluable for content creators and online communities. The Safe In Our World brand should be a statement that they really care about the mental health of their audiences.

The video games industry is a creative industry and what better way to promote positive discussions about mental health than through creative competitions. Creating video games, videos, creative writing and art; these are all areas that will see global competitions set up to stimulate the audience and show the world the topic of mental health as seen through the different perspectives of the creators.

Safe In Our World will conduct primary and secondary research into the effect of video games and mental health issues, with an initial goal to investigate the connection between these subjects, and to discover if there are benefits or negatives.

Safe In Our World will lobby the United Kingdom’s Government to present to them a true understanding of the power of video games as positive medium to help people with mental health issues. It will challenge the Government to open up dialogue with the aim of creating a better support infrastructure to help those with mental health problems. This policy will be extended to other countries, and discussions started within other Governments whenever possible.

Finally, Safe In Our World will also work with other organisations globally to help reinforce the message and support combined efforts to drive mental health awareness.

This is our Charter; this is for starters| Please support this journey | Be Safe in our World.

The 2020 Plan

To become fully operational, with 2 – 3 full time staff
Grow the Patrons, Ambassadors, Team into a fully diverse and global group
To increase the number of companies supporting the charity exponentially
Fully test and develop the Mental Health in the Workplace Guidelines and best practices
localise the content of SafeInOurWorld.Org and make it truly international
Having started, at least one creative initiative will be started and promoted
Conversations started with the UK Government to work out a strategy for effective change
Discuss and develop the framework for research so that the results can be published

money, money, money!

Money doesn’t make the world go around, but it definitely helps get things done! Safe In Our World is no different. It needs some funds to get even the basics done.

Initially Wired Productions put in monies and resources to get things moving and developed, and in addition the Trustees gave up countless days and weeks to help move things along! It has taken a lot of goodwill of many people from the games industry and beyond to help get to this stage.

None of the Trustees, Patrons, Ambassadors or Team associated with this charity receive or have received any money for their efforts. A large number of people have already given up large chunks of time of the last 2 years for the good of the cause.

Moving forward, royalties from the sales of Fractured Minds will help to get Safe in our World operational. This will make a big difference. As we become more operational, we will need 2 or 3 day to day staff, to help grow and administer the activities of the charity. The funds that are raised will initially go towards that, and other set up costs.

Donations from the public are welcomed but not asked for at the moment. We have provided a donation facility but really our objective is to be fully operational within 12 months from launch, and to raise funds from the various initiatives that exist within the games industry.

We want to make a difference. The quicker we are out there spreading the message and breaking down barriers, the better it will be.

Every penny raised or donated to Safe In Our World will be invested in helping the charity on its mission and day to day running. We are a driven, passionate and committed group of people, so expect value for every cent, pence, or rouble raised! We will challenge the industry to support this initiative.

We challenge you to make us accountable. We challenge ourselves to be transparent.

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