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To finish a level, or complete a mission, can take time, a few attempts and a little research on how to overcome that final boss. Understanding mental health is no different; no one can be an expert straight away, and it’s right to find out more information before diving in.

The teams within the games industry are made up of incredible people, creating incredible worlds used by millions. But the gaming industry can see a higher rate of those working and living through mental health issues. It’s vital that companies understand the impact this can have, and how to better support teams. There is clear evidence that shows the most successful employers introduce a positive culture around mental health at work. This can be by having policies in place to support teams, an open culture that removes the stigma around mental health and making it clear where external support can come from; It’s not that difficult to introduce such steps with the right training.

At Safe in Our World we recognise that training that is really effective is training that is specific to the needs of the delegates. We have therefore worked with Mind Fitness to develop bespoke training courses designed for our industry.

These sessions can be delivered either online or in a live training environment, giving scientifically proven tools to improve the way teams think, feel and work. The sessions look at the issues that undermine resilience in each section of the industry. They give delegates a wellbeing toolkit that is appropriate for the specific working conditions and culture, designed to optimise both performance and mental health.

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Safe In Our World | Mind Fitness: Mental Health Awareness for the Interactive Entertainment Industry

 - 2-Hour Course | Online Worldwide

This online session covers:

· A basic knowledge about mental health and understanding the myths
· Challenging stigma and discrimination
· Exploring common mental health issues
· Developing coping strategies to support wellbeing
· Gaining confidence to support others

Delivered online by Mind Fitness Training
Each session is limited to 20 attendees
Course duration: 2 hours (with one short break)

Delegates receive a Workbook that can be used to inform / support your organisation’s Wellbeing Strategy.
Cost: £60 per delegate or £600 for up to 20 delegates
Dates available: 5th Nov (pm), 19th Nov (pm),26th Nov (pm), 3rd Dec (am)


Safe In Our World | Mind Fitness for Publishers

 - 3-Hour Course | Online Worldwide

A live online course created specifically for the Interactive Entertainment publishing community and delivered by wellbeing specialists Mind Fitness Training through Safe in our World.
Game publishing has its own unique challenges and pressures. The ability to manage the downside enables greater enjoyment of the upside and an increase in personal performance.

This course examines the crunch points and shares practical techniques that help you to improve your work relationships, develop your communication skills and cope with the unhealthy stress that deadlines and imposter syndrome can lead to.

Learning Outcomes
· Manage relationships more effectively
· Identify the most common communication styles
· Understand and create personal development targets
· Develop strategies to effectively cope with imposter syndrome
· Increase resilience
· De-escalate stress and anxiety response
· Increase confidence and self-worth

Each session is limited to 20 attendees.
Course duration: 3 hours (with one short break)
Delegates receive a Workbook that can be used to inform / support your organisation’s Wellbeing Strategy.
Cost: £90 per delegate or £900 for up to 20 delegates
Dates available: 5th Nov (am), 12th Nov (pm),26th Nov (am), 3rd Dec (pm)


Mental Health First Aid

 - 4-Part Course | Worldwide

This online course qualifies you as a Mental Health First Aider.
Duration is 4 live training sessions across 2 weeks – to book visit: the MHFA web page.
· What mental health is and how to challenge stigma
· A basic knowledge of some common mental health issues
· An introduction to looking after your own mental health and maintaining wellbeing
· Confidence to support someone in distress or who may be experiencing a mental health issue

Delegates receive a Manual and Workbook that can be used to inform / support your organisation’s Wellbeing Strategy
Cost: £300 per delegate


ReThink Mental Health | Mental Health in the Workplace

 - 3.5-Hour Course | England Only

This training equips employees with the knowledge and skills to actively support colleagues and direct reports in relation to mental health within the workplace.
Unfortunately there are no dates available for individuals but a course for up to 20 delegates can be booked.

For more information visit: the ReThink web page.


Take This US | Consulting & Training Services

 - Various Courses | Worldwide

US charity Take This, provide a culturally-informed approach to employee wellness & success for the game industry, addressing: retention, burnout prevention, and resilience. They also advise on policies and procedures to maximize the mental health of your game space, provide expert perspectives and information on mental health topics, a primer on video game effects, and offer technical consultation on game design optimization and mental health representation in your games. We can connect you to the wonderful folk, or contact them directly.


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