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Level Up Mental Health


Safe In Our World is challenging all companies within the video games industry to unite and commit to change. The worlds we create are a refuge for many, but we must consider our teams and the impact our industry has on their lives. We’re asking the entire video games industry to #LevelUpMentalHealth within their workplaces, ensuring that the environment is safe and supportive for their team’s mental health at all times.

From developers, publishers, service providers and retailers to content creators and beyond, our goal is simple: Create and foster worldwide awareness within the video game industry and eliminate the stigma around employees who live with mental health conditions.

Help us build change and join us as a Level Up Mental Health Partner.

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Why Now?

Around the world, data shows that those who work within the video games industry are often more likely to live with a mental health condition. In fact, in one recent census in the UK, it was reported that 31% of those asked revealed that they live with anxiety, depression or both (the national average is 17%) and globally, ‘crunch’ culture is being reported and discussed more than ever.

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What we're asking


Over the next 12 months, commit to taking the first steps to roll out a mental health support system within your company.


Join Safe In Our World as a partner and commit to supporting Mental Health within the industry.


Help us ensure our teams and players know where support can be found, through sharing messaging and signposting to support.

The Safe In Our World Workplace Toolkit

We are releasing a clinically sound Mental Health toolkit, specifically for the games industry. This will is available for free and has been designed to support companies in understanding how they can introduce support within the workplace, and work towards creating initial goals and actions towards supporting teams.

Download the Sample Toolkit
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Our founding Partners

“In some regions, a staggering 70 million workdays are lost each year due to mental health problems, costing employers over $3 billion PER YEAR.”

Additional resources

In addition to the Toolkit, we’re proud to be working with several partners to host and share approved training courses, that key team members can attend (online or in-person) to support training within the industry.

See SIOW training events
We’re pleased to see so much support for our cause from the industry, but now it’s time to turn that support into action. The Level Up Mental Health campaign will form a major part of our activities now and in the future and as an industry, we’ll drive forward from that starting point, together

Safe In Our World, Chair Trustee - Leo Zullo


To join our mission and commit to supporting your teams, please get in touch.

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