Wayward Strand is a heartfelt story told in a curious way. Hop aboard an airborne hospital and meet its fully-voiced cast of eclectic characters. As time passes for everyone on board, explore the interwoven lives of the patients and staff; discover something new on every playthrough.

Wayward Strand is a game that we thought belonged on the list for a multitude of reasons. November’s content theme is chronic illness at Safe In Our World and in Wayward Strand, the player explores the airship and gets to know many of the residents and also learns about them.

Being in an airship that is essentially a care home up in the air, you’ll learn of the conditions and characteristics these people face which we felt was very educational and quite emotional. The first feeling you get is, ‘this is such a cozy feeling airship’. With the view below of the ocean and mountain views in the distance, you can see why this is the perfect place for the residents.

There were strong feelings of comfort in one respect at the place they lived and with the staff that supported them, but also a feeling of sadness. It reminded me (Jake) of people I hold dearly that were in similar situations. Wayward Strand is very unique in its way of telling the story as the developers describe and it’s one I feel belongs on this list.

Features –

  • Fully voiced cast with such fantastic personalities
  • Hand drawn graphic feel that makes it more personal
  • Lots of options and choices
  • An emotional journey