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Press Pause 2023

Safe In Our World is fundraising this October 27-31st to celebrate ‘Press Pause’ 2023, their annual fundraiser, in partnership with Elgato.

Press Pause is about the idea of pressing pause on life by pressing play in-game. 

Escapism is a huge part in why so many gamers use games as an outlet when they need a break from reality. At Safe In Our World, we embrace using games to escape when we need to, as they provide a healthy outlet to process difficult emotions, even if it’s subconscious!

Our wonderful sponsor, Elgato, will be supporting by match funding up to the value of £10,000! They will also be providing the first fundraisers to reach £500 with a product of their choice.

Get Involved

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Why get involved?

Since our launch in 2019, we have:

  • Enrolled 150+ Level Up Partners (responsible for over 50,000 employees) and connected them with resources and training to better support their teams.
  • Signposted life saving resources to ¼ million website visitors
  • £140k of free training has been offered to the industry so far.
  • Provided free mental health training for 350+ Community Managers from 26 countries & 175 people in under-represented groups
  • Created an inclusive and supportive Discord community to openly discuss mental health and games with 1.1k members.
  • Launched a mental health video games themed journal called Sidekick
  • Hosted a Mental Health in Games Summit with BAFTA
  • Consulted with several game devs on representing mental health in a non-stigmatising way, creating content warnings and signposting in-game


We believe in the importance of giving back to our community, and have created a list of fantastic rewards for both fundraisers and donors to enjoy at various milestones.


Fundraiser Rewards

£500 raised – (First 20 Fundraisers) One Elgato Product from the following list: Facecam, Wave:3, Stream Deck Mk2 or HD60 X 

£1000 raised – Limited edition Press Pause themed Game Boy with modded screen

£2000 raised – Limited edition Press Pause themed Game Boy with modded screen, customisation and rechargeable battery

£3000 raised – Completely bespoke custom Game Boy with modded screen, rechargeable battery



We will be providing our fundraisers with awesome rewards such as game keys and merch, to allow everyone to join in and enjoy Press Pause 2023. 


To learn more about Press Pause, or to enquire donating prizes or corporate donations please reach out to Rosie. We look forward to hearing from you!