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The Sims Update Adds Medical Wearables, Binders and More

The Sims have announced a new update that will see Medical Wearables, Top Surgery Scars, Binders and Shapewear – a huge win for representation within the game.

In the most recent update, The Sims have now confirmed new categories that will be added to the game, improving the scope for character creation representation and for players to feel seen.

Image from The Sims Twitter (@TheSims)

Medical Wearables

This is a new category, under Body and Face Accessories when creating a Sim.

Hearing Aids – available for Toddlers and older Sims, can be assigned to either ear, and comes in 15 colour variants.

Glucose Monitors – available for child and adult Sims, for either arm, or lower abdomen.

Top Surgery Scars

Within the same category, players can now add a trans-inclusive Top Surgery Scar to their teen/older male Sims!

Binders and Shapewear

Within Create a Sim, in the Tops category, Sims can now have a Binder top. Within the Underwear category, there is now shapewear for your Sims.

  • What is a binder? Binders are used to compress your chest/breast tissue, often a way for trans people to feel more comfortable within themself and their body.
  • What is shapewear? Shapewear is used to help change the appearance of your body shape, and can give your body more curvature, for example.

This is a huge triumph in inclusive representation within The Sims, which is known to be a safe haven for many to explore and flourish in their own identity in a safe environment. We’re delighted to see these options continue to expand and allow every player to truly see themselves within video games.