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Be active!

Of course, we know games can really help ‘switch off’, but sometimes putting down the controller (or mouse!) and getting up are great for your mind and body too! Try to give yourself a set period of time each day (and at least move/ get up for a stretch every hour!) 

Music: If you have the means to play music, play it! The wonderful folks at MIND have a great blog on why music is great for your mental health, following research that found music releases dopamine, the ‘feel-good’ chemical in your brain!  Read more here. 

Gaming: Ok, of course, we’re going to recommend gaming! Pick something you love and that you can get lost into for an hour! 

Online: The internet can provide a lot of entertainment from streaming services, social media to keep in touch with others, research and more. It is important to stay connected during this lockdown period and many services are offering to talk when you feel the need to and it’s definitely good to keep in touch with friends.  

Exercise: There are many great apps and online sessions that can help you get moving, but it doesn’t have to cost you money. The NHS in the UK have a wide range of tips, or if you have a garden, or can safely go for a walk while keeping social distancing, simply put on your  

Mobility: If you have physical conditions or mobility issues, the NHS has a great range of routines to support you staying active?