Headspace is an app focused on improving the world’s happiness and health.

It’s backed by science, and has already been proven to reduce stress by 14% in 10 days! Shine is also a part of mental wellness app Headspace. Originally it’s own app, now combined with Headspace, it features daily meditations, self care courses and personalised support. The team at Shine joined Headspace Health to advance the company’s inclusive mental health strategy and content.

When we started Shine 6 years ago, we were frustrated by the lack of representation and inclusion in the mental health category. Naomi and I didn’t often see our identities as women of color, our socioeconomic backgrounds or even our body types represented in mainstream wellness.

And there were so many others with that same experience. We quickly discovered: people who identified as Black, Native American, Hispanic, Asian and/or LGBTQIA+—we all had higher rates of anxiety and depression, and fewer options for inclusive care. – Founders at Shine

The app tackles current stressors such as climate anxiety, practical support on things such as getting outside, and how to be patient with your progress.

Navigating Injustice

There is also a section on the app where diverse voices help users recognise their unique journeys, struggles and differences. One example of this is Indigenous mindfulness sessions, with accompanying meditations.

Key Features of Headspace

  • mindfulness activities such as ‘how to practice self-love’, ‘mindful ways to use personal pronouns and inclusive language’ and more
  • coping mechanisms on how to manage stress and anxiety
  • support on how to sleep better, wake up easier and fall back asleep if you have disturbed sleep
  • meditation techniques, benefits and guided sessions