Journey is the embodiment of the phrase ‘it’s about the journey, not the destination’. This game is a highly meditative experience which follows the life cycle of a lone wanderer, who’s making a pilgrimage to a tall mountain peak.

As the wanderer, you seamlessly traverse across a variety of stunning locales in wordless wonder, accompanied by a score which dances across your heartstrings.  

Along your journey you may come across other players, in a way that can only ever be friendly and heartwarming. With no text chat available, you communicate via harmonious song-like calls. With these calls you can greet each other, guide each other for a little while, or brave the landscapes together for the duration of play. 

Journey is a wonderful outlet to fully immerse yourself in and truly get in touch with your emotions. Digestible in one sitting, Journey is best played in a quiet space – as if you were practising meditation.