We’ve added Kinder World to our list of mental health related games! Kinder World is a mobile game combining caring for plants and caring for yourself, in a comfy and relaxing environment of your own creation.

It’s the perfect app for casual checking in with yourself, and gently encouraging wellbeing exercises that are minimal effort. By integrating activities like emotion tracking and gratitude exercises, players are prompted towards self-care. Every plant is also procedurally generated, so the player’s plant growth is unique to them!

We’re making Kinder World because it can be very hard to work on being compassionate with ourselves, especially amidst a global pandemic. If you’ve struggled to make a habit with meditation or mindfulness apps, we’re making this game for exactly you! – Lauren Clinnick, CEO of Lumi Interactive.

We also love the addition of kind messages and affirmations from other players, fostering a kind gaming environment. This interactivity allows the game to feel more community-focused, and feel as though players are a part of something larger.

There is even a Discord for the community, which you can join here.

Secret Samy Gift Exchange

The holiday season is coming to Kinder World, which means it’s time to rest, relax, and (most importantly) practice kindness to ourselves and others. Our favourite Samoyed has been hard at work creating the first ever Secret Samy Gift Exchange — an opportunity for every Kinder World player to spread the love, send a kind message, and choose between two free in-game gifts for a friend or stranger, from artists Lucy Zhang and Lucy Mutimer! You can get started here.

Kinder World Features:

  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • You can name your plants
  • You unlock a variety of mindfulness activities to complete, which you can choose from twice daily
  • If you are unsure how to fill out an activity (e.g. the daily gratitude) you can see what other people have said to help you get ideas
  • Your plant can be visited by insects and wildlife which leave affirmations for you