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30 Games in 30 days: Thank you Charlie

My eldest son’s name is Charlie, he is eight years old, and I’m so proud of him.

Charlie has known about Safe in our World since we first began discussing putting this together, before it was even a registered charity. He’s been waiting such a long time to do something to raise money, because I’ve always been open with him about why I’m involved with the charity. I’ve read him my story and explained it so he understands.

The reason Safe in our World is so important to me, is because Charlie has several symptoms that are recognisable. Myself and his Mum have been going through the process of trying to get a diagnosis for Charlie for nearly four years, and he’s acutely aware of that fact. He is as desperate as we are to get some help for him, and for us as parents. Video games are where he is happiest. In these many worlds, he finds solace, focus and direction, and recently, he’s discovered he can play with his friends and talk to them, even when they’re not there with him.

Charlie has challenged himself to play games that aren’t his favourites. He has types of games he wants to play all the time; train games, bus games and driving games. To have Charlie agree and ask to play these different games each day has helped him grow. He’s discovered new games and genres that he wouldn’t think to consider.

In his 30 days, Charlie has raised £426, which is a phenomenal amount of money for an Eight-year-old to raise. Charlie said, “Oh my gosh.” when I told him how much he’d raised. And then I told him the amazing Curve Digital promised to match what he’d raised to-date. Charlie has been over the moon ever since, and with some last minute donations, the total now stands at £983.25 including gift aid. I have a feeling we may end up making this a yearly thing, Next year, his brother Bradley wants to get involved.

As a charity, we’d like to thank everyone who has donated to the cause, and supported Charlie’s fundraising efforts. Every like, retweet and share has been heart-warming. Charlie wanted to say something to you all personally:

“Thank you for donating. I’ve loved trying out everyone’s games. My favourites were Human Fall Flat, Lego City Undercover, Doritos Crash Course and Avicii Invector.”

Charlie read through this story and was happy for it be posted online.