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Announcing our DASEC Members

We’ve recruited 6 lay members to join our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Accessibility and Stakeholder Engagement Committee (DASEC)!

The DASEC will review Safe In Our World’s policies, strategy and activities, and support us in consistently positively addressing these issues.

Meet the DASEC lay members

Suneet Sharma he/him

Suneet is the Chair of the DASEC, and in his day job works as a legal professional with the Associated Press, BBC and formally SEGA Europe in Legal & Business Affairs. Suneet hopes to bring his lived experience of mental health matters and passion for LGBTQ+ issues to assist Safe In Our World.

Suneet loves how videogames can bridge experiences.

Rebekah S she/her

Rebekah is a games industry professional and has worked in a variety of business and operations roles for almost 20 years – 8 of them in the games industry. Rebekah is passionate about mental health and creating the best possible work environments for people to thrive in. She is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in both her professional work and personal life.

She is a very proud mum to both her human toddler and cat children and loves watching super hero (Marvel, sorry DC fans) movies whilst eating cake… and biscuits…

Susi Bauer she/they

Susi is the Head of Careers at Into Games & has over 8 years of experience in the UK games industry. She’s passionate about making the sector more equitable, safe, and inclusive for talent from underrepresented backgrounds.

By bringing her experience in DEI, empathetic communication, & leadership to the Committee, she’s hoping to support Safe In Our World in their important mission. She believes creating better support & understanding around mental health in the games industry is essential to ensure everyone can thrive within it.

Elizabeth Astwood they/she

Elisabeth is a transmedia storyteller, researcher, and arts leader whose goal is to nurture an equitable global community through story. Most recently the Founder / Narrative Director of Studio Lazulite, they have had the privilege of collaborating with many innovative programs, businesses, and arts organizations over the past decade.

As a Women In Games Ambassador and ADPList Narrative Design Mentor, they are always looking for opportunities to grow community and uplift marginalized voices.

Vanessa Sauls she/her

Vanessa is an interdisciplinary professional and scholar with expertise in human rights, policy research, and equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). After graduating in Law from Queen Mary University, she went on to work with a wide range of organisations in the private and third sector.

Vanessa is also a musical artist. She has performed internationally and across the UK, including festivals like Glastonbury, Love Supreme, and Montreux Jazz. Her music intersects hip hop and alternative R&B with custom synthesised sounds.

Vanessa loves gaming and her first exposure to synths was as a child in the arcade. She continues to embed these sounds in her music.

El Wylde they/them

El is a caster, observer, and coach, across multiple esports titles. They go by “EKO” online and have a huge passion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – specifically within the esports space.

They’re currently coaching a minority gender VALORANT team and using this as their first step towards helping the esports scene.

Coral Campbell she/her

Coral is an Equity advisor in the NHS and currently writing a masters dissertation on gender and race representations in video games.

Coral’s dream is to join her two passions for Equity and Inclusion with her life-long love of video games and her lived experience of living with various mental health conditions to help be a positive force for change in the industry.

Coral’s past time’s aside from gaming include watching anime, cooking, reading and musical theatre.