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Celebrating a year of being part of the Safe In Our World ‘Level Up Mental Health’ initiative with Sumo Group

In May 2021, Sumo Group partnered with Safe In Our World as part of its #LevelUpMentalHealth initiative.

Joining at this time reflected the commitment that Sumo had already made to supporting the mental health of its people. The Group had already begun to roll out a company-wide mental health support system and believed that making this pledge visible to all as part of an industry wide effort would further demonstrate its ongoing commitment to such an important area of health.



For Mental Health Awareness Week this week, Sumo Group takes a look at some of the changes made across its 16 studios over the past 12 months to support its people’s wellbeing.

From developing and delivering in-house mental health awareness training for managers, to surprising their teams with pick-me-ups in the post, Sumo Group have pulled together a variety of support for their employees to contribute to their wellbeing at work. (Read the full list of changes at the full piece below!)

This Mental Health Awareness Week, Sumo Group is rolling out its week-long mental health-focused activity around the topic of ‘Loneliness’ – offering time and space for reflection, conversation and action.

In addition to the above, the Group continues to provide access to mental health support, trained mental health first aiders across the business and a focus on wellbeing at regular points through the year on Dojo (the Groups award winning learning platform). Sumo Group has been being recognised in the UK Best Companies to Work For awards two years running – a direct reflection of the improvements made Group-wide following listening to and acting upon, valued feedback from its teams. Alongside it’s continued partnership with Safe in Our World, the Group continues to look for ways to enhance and improve the wellbeing of its people, ensuring they remain at the very centre of the Group’s values.

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