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Don’t Take It Personally: A Free Guide to Self-Advocacy Speaking

“Don’t take it personally” is a phrase many of us have come across in our lives and it often frustrates and upsets us when we hear it.

It disconnects us from each other. It is synonymous with our lives in the workplace where we sometimes feel our identities, emotions and needs have to take a backseat.

What if there was another way? While the phrase may be problematic, there is a grain of truth hidden inside it, one which we’d like to share with you and show you how it can be used to better connect with people and safeguard fundamental parts of your identity.

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Our new and upcoming talk introduces the concept of Self-Advocacy Speaking, a new way to understand challenging situations and find better words and ways of speaking to navigate them.

In this talk we will introduce and invite you to the forthcoming 3-part online programme in October through to December wherein we teach this healthier way of communicating and show how you can implement it at work by creating your own unique ‘Human Handbook‘, an inclusive guide to help people work with you.

Self-Advocacy Speaking is ultimately a language, a literacy for our lives, where needs are shared, and connections are made.  This is a pioneering communication method in wellbeing and mental health in the creative industries, one that is rooted in psychology, diversity & inclusion, and workplace resilience.

It’s a language we instinctively knew when we were young but as adults, we have been largely conditioned to use other ways of communicating that often reflect a need to survive in modern society, ways that dominate, protect and control, breaking down essential connections between us.

This 3-part programme is designed not to teach you a new language, but to reconnect you with what you already know, and bring it back out into the open for your benefit and for those in your lives at home and at work.

A language is built from a vocabulary and a grammar, a structure or framework.  We need to look at both parts before we start speaking it again and expressing our thoughts and needs to others, which is what this programme is designed to do.  I (Lisa) introduce the language of Self-Advocacy Speaking in 3 steps, looking at better words to use and healthy ways to construct requests that boost connection and ultimately benefit our needs.

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