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Our Ambassador Class of 2023

We’re delighted to present our Ambassador Class of 2023 for Safe In Our World.

We’ve selected 25 outstanding individuals advocating for mental health, each bringing with them a unique set of skills and ideas to further the mission of the charity.

We want to thank everyone who applied for this class – we were truly overwhelmed by the number of applications (over 175!) and we had a very difficult selection process. The quality and talent of the application pool for this was incredible.

Without further ado, let’s meet our new Ambassador class!

The Ambassador Class of 2023

An image of 25 people's portraits on a SIOW pink/red background, with their names. Title reads 'Class of 2023' in bold white letters. There is a banner at the bottom with text 'sponsored by Techraptor'

Abram Buehner (He/Him) – Part-time student, full time dork, and Production Director for Lost In Cult

Adam Clewes-Boyne (He/Him) – A talented games programmer and designer, as well as co-founder of BetaJester Ltd

Alex Gate (He/Him) – Community Manager at Dovetail Games, with a degree in Video Game Digital Art

AndyMacster (He/Him/Any) – Queer, neurodivergent dancer turned streamer, focused on openness, information and community

Anni Valkama (She/They) – Marketing Coordinator at Super Rare Games, Events coordinator, accessibility hero and supporter of SIOW since launch

Ayiza (He/Him) – Lead Community Manager at Jagex for Old School Runescape, hiking enthusiast and DIY star

Bardintheyard (He/Him) – Charity variety streamer, member of Twitch team Sidequest, voice actor and host of Smooth Souls

BlushingCrafter (She/Her) – Content Creator and mental health/accessibility/LGBTQIA+ advocate living in Norway

Cherish Goldstraw (She/Her) – Lifelong games lover with a weakness for the cute, cosy and the colourful, working in marketing at Sumo Digital

Christopher Leech (He/Him) – A person with Albinism and legally blind/visually impaired from Liverpool, working as a PhD researcher in psychology

Connor Cloughley (He/Him) – Lifelong gamer, streamer under the name AyeforScotland, and freelance Marketing and Community Manager

Derbyy (She/Her) – Community Manager for the VR gaming world, passionate mental health advocate and inclusivity focused streamer

Emmalition (She/Her) – Gaming YouTuber focusing on laidback content and an inclusive community

Ghosti – System content creator advocating to end the stigma surrounding DID/OSDD (Other Specified Dissociative Disorder)

Harry Stainer (He/Him) – Marketing and community lead at Peregrine Coast Press and student welfare expert

Jerreau Henry (He/Him) – Content Creator and Community Manager for UK Based EDI advocacy group Bame In Games (BiG)

JJ Fox (They/Them) – Indie game developer combatting the stigma surrounding autism and mental health through their game projects

LuceLoveLace (She/They) – Variety Twitch streamer, founder of ‘More Vibes Please’ and a pansexual/ADHD creator

Mark Flynn (He/Him) – PR & Community Manager at Numskull Games following several years on YouTube as a creator

Pastelbat (They/Them) – Mental health focused content creator who works in the games industry

Philadoxical (He/Him) – Variety gaming creator driven by positivity, safe spaces and inclusivity

Silvia Gaetano (She/Her) – Comms expert with a decade of experience in social media, community and player support

Tom Morgan (He/Him) – Business Development expert working with some of the brands his younger self would have been extremely jealous of

TragicOnTwitch (She/Her) – Twitch & YouTube Partner, Capcom creator and retro/variety streamer with experience as a peer support specialist in addiction

Whinnaay (She/Her) – Bisexual Chinese-Canadian gaming content creator making inclusive spaces for visible minorities and LGBTQIA+ folks


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