Christopher Leech

Christopher Leech

Christopher Leech is a person with Albinism and legally blind/visually impaired from Liverpool in the North West.

For work, Chris is a PhD researcher in psychology looking at video games and student mental health. Alongside his research, Chris streams weekly under the moniker “Chimp195” on his show “Blind Psyche” which has been going for nearly two years – the stream is family friendly and includes a range of content from psychology analysis of games to “Scouse ASMR”…

Chris also hosts a monthly podcast “Psyched to be with you” – available wherever you find your podcasts.

Chris said on being inducted into the class:

“I’m really delighted, while not the pro-est of streamers, I try to have a nice mental health focused space, and I also talk about research and academic stuff. Research (especially on games) is super fun, and breaking it down and making it accessible is a real passion project. Great to be part of the Safe In Our World Family!”.