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Safe In Our World Announces 3rd Annual Charity Bundle for 2023

We’re delighted to announce our annual charity games bundle will be launching on February 23rd 2023, and we already have a fantastic list of partners who are supporting it.

We will be once again be partnering with the lovely team at Fanatical, who’ve hosted our previous bundles as well!

Previous bundles: First Anniversary Bundle | 2nd Charity Bundle

ALT: ‘Charity Bundle’ is written in black/white letters at the top of a portrait oriented image made to look like a festival line up. The background is yellow with illustrated planets, a moon and a rocket. There is a white box with ‘Available now at fanatical.com’ In the centre is a white box with the logos of all the companies taking part as Bundle Partners

We’ve got support already from:

505 Games

Black Razor Records

Bunkovsky Games

Convict Games

Curve Games

Double Eleven

Hello Games

Irregular Corporation

it’s happening



Outright Games




Raw Fury


Secret Mode


Tate Multimedia

Torn Banner

Thunder Lotus Games

Wales Interactive

Whitethorn Games

and Yogscast Games!


We’re thrilled to be hosting another bundle in 2023.

All funds raised will support Safe In Our World in our future initiatives, and continue to provide free support to the global games industry through consultation, training and resources.

We’ve already assigned over £140,000 worth of free training to our industry, and believe it’s important to make mental health training accessible to all. With over 150+ partners having enrolled in our Level Up Programme, we’re continuing to grow our outreach to change this industry on a global scale.

If you’d like to support mental health in the games industry as a bundle Partner, you can get in touch with us at this email or at our contact form.