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Safer Together: Safe In Our World Launches Community Focused Discord

We are delighted to be launching our very first public Discord server, Safer Together.

Looking to join Safer Together? Click here or go to discord.gg/safertogether


Safer Together will launch during the London Games Festival and continue beyond, with the purpose of providing a public platform for gamers and industry folk to connect, find players, discuss games, and be a safe space for all to talk or find resources.

“Opening up the mental health conversation further will also be a strand for the festival as it partners with games industry charity Safe In Our World on its new Safer Together Campaign.”

We’re excited to be a part of the Festival to show our support for diversity and innovation within the industry, and be able to launch such a timely campaign for so many who are looking for a safer space to connect with fellow gamers.

The Discord won’t be to talk exclusively about mental health, though it is welcomed as part of general conversation to continue to reduce stigma. The purpose of the Discord is to create a safe community where like-minded people can connect about video games and other hobbies.

We must also highlight that this server is not run by any medical staff or qualified mental health staff. We have a dedicated resources channel to support in signposting to professional support. If you need help you can follow this link that provides helplines from around the world.

About the London Games Festival

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