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Sidekick: The Video Games Mental Health Journal

Safe In Our World and Peregrine Coast Press present Sidekick: The Video Games Mental Health Journal

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Sidekick: The Video Games Mental Health Journal is both a journal and a resource focused on improving the mental health of those in the games community (and anyone who needs it). By connecting you to the games you love so much, Sidekick will feel like a familiar friend who’s there for you when you need it. Whether you need some time to free write and color or want some targeted help for what you’re going through in the form of breathing exercises and journaling prompts, Sidekick will be with you!

“Sidekick has the potential to raise money for a charity with the potential to affect real, institutional change,” said Eryk Sawicki, PCP Project Manager and Designer. “The video games industry is notoriously unhealthy so playing a small part in changing that is pretty exciting!”

The project is co-led by Sky Tunley-Stainton and Harry Stainer, Peregrine Coast Press’s Marketing and Community Manager. Rosie Taylor, SIOW Content & Community Manager, co-wrote the journal alongside the two project leads and Eryk Sawicki designed the journal. Megan Dobbyn and Tristan McGuire both contributed illustrations.

“I remember we were having a discussion about wanting to produce something physical to support folks in the games community that could give them the tools and information to support their mental health,” said Sky Tunley-Stainton, Safe In Our World (SIOW) Partnerships & Training Officer and SIOW Project Lead for Sidekick. “Then Rosie [Taylor] suggested a journal, and we were immediately sold.”

Journal Features

  • 140 pages filled with video game and mental health related activities, prompts, and free journaling pages. Lovingly created with the goal of helping ease your mind and connect with your love of gaming!
  • Printed by Standart Impressa on 110gsm uncoated paper, the dot grid will let you journal and doodle to your heart’s content without getting in the way.
  • Inside these pages are resources and advice on how to manage your own wellbeing. This book isn’t just a companion – it’s a safe space to look after yourself and write whats on your mind.

“I’m always pushing to destigmatize mental health, especially in the workplace setting, so I hope our little journal has an impact on that,” Harry said. “Even if it makes one or two people feel a little less overwhelmed, we’ve done our job.”


Corporate Orders

'Sidekick' Teh Video Games Mental Health Journal - Corporate Orders written on a yellow/blue background, with journal outlines.

We’re now accepting corporate orders for Sidekick! We can provide your team with original or bespoke orders for Sidekick for you and your teams.

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If you’d like to register interest in a Corporate order, contact the Safe In Our World team.

Read PCP’s Blog Post about the Journal Collaboration.


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