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The University of Hertfordshire Composed Music Pieces Inspired By Safe In Our World

The University of Hertfordshire Music Composition Showcase for Safe In Our World – Mental Health Month 2021
The Showcase
With support from Game Audio and Media Composition Senior Lecturer/ Composer Steven Coltart, music students from the University of Hertfordshire undertook an optional live speed composing escapism brief inspired by ‘Safe in Our World’ for mental health awareness week 2021. 

Listen to 5 unique perspectives from students from the University of Herfordshire on escapism through music, and its links to mental health.

Track insights from some the composers in the showcase video:

Vas Achilleas, Breathe 

Breathe paints a picture of a melancholic piano motif, accompanied by hand-crafted strings and sentimental vocals drenched in a huge reverb to personify the feeling of anguish. While taking on more of a sombre tone, this piece still has small flecks of hope interwoven in its song, allowing you to immerse yourself in the moment and picture the better days that are coming. You are not alone.


Bradley Miller, Crippled By Anxiety

Fundamentally, this song represents the frustration that is felt when you find yourself unable to complete a simple task, even one that you know that you would love, because anxiety has gotten in the way.


Josie Featonby-Roberts, The Same Storm

The music portrays a journey through the storm and on the way many of us cross paths, joining together and helping each other through the hard times. We can find comfort in just the thought of not being alone.


Stephen Pryke, Abiogenesis

The name “Abiogenesis” refers to the process through which living organisms are created from non-living matter; it seemed to fit the feeling of growing into something greater from essentially nothing, as well as metaphorically representing mental growth.


Tom Lunn, Journey to Reverie

I find escapism in going for walks. It grounds me, and makes me see from a different and more positive perspective.  The story of this piece is all about optimism and overcoming challenges.   

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