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A Fairer Games Industry with Rami Ismail

Episode 4

In this episode, Rosie is joined by Rami Ismail, an independent game dev and influence within the games industry.

Rami was a part of Vlambeer, and is a part of The Habibis Podcast. Rami has created Meditations, developed presskit(), and is a big voice within the game dev space in advocating for change.

Rami talks about his new passion in flying, and why having something completely separate from every day life is so important to him. Rosie and Rami discuss the state of the global games industry, Rami’s journey into that from developing at a young age, and the changes he’d like to see within it.

We deep dive into the #1ReasonToBe GDC Panel, it’s origins from the #1ReasonWhy movement, and why it was such a powerful panel within the industry. Rami talks about the powerful games narratives that we just aren’t seeing within games at the moment, and how we need to use the voices of the truly global industry in order to make it a fairer place to exist within.


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